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    Your Favorite anime.

    all time best: bebop greatest moment in the history of animation: green bird scene from bebop ep. 5 ballad of fallen angels current obsession: bleach others top tier animes: flcl outlaw star trigun champloo eva FMA oh, and samurai pizza cats anyone?
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    How does one ask this politely?

    there's always the ever so subtle 'haha joking but not really method' something along the lines of: "so.....how 'bout that drawing you owe me. *coughcough*nudgenudge*winkwink*"
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    the rarest pr0n of all you say? I THINK NOT!
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    Your Philosophy

    they're much too complex to boil down to a single proverb, but the central themes that run through my philosophies are dynamic balance opposing forces, and spectra. but like triad said, nothing is static, and that applies to my philosophies as well.
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    Cult Classics: Yay or Nay?

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    Cult Classics: Yay or Nay?

    "cult classic" implies low prodiction valie, not poor quality. but all it really means is A) that it has a dedicated following despite being less than successful on it's release, or B) that the majority of people either love it or just hate it/don't get it.
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    what would you do if you saw this

    i live in LA. no one's gonna get beat up for something as inconspicuous as being a furry.
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    meh, old news. anyone else think bobobo would absolutely HAVE to be played by the rock if there were ever [hevean forbid] a live action movie?
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    Cult Classics: Yay or Nay?

    fuck yeah. i meant the anime. lol. jigulate.
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    Japan is awesome.

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    Cult Classics: Yay or Nay?

    well if everybody liked them, they'd just be classics. btw: metropolis anyone?
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    If a girl bangs a guy with a strap-on dildo and he enjoys it, does it make him gay?

    RE: If a girl bangs a guy with a strap-on dildo and he enjoys it, does it make him ga innuendo... lol. multiple entendre.
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    Cult Classics: Yay or Nay?

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    If a girl bangs a guy with a strap-on dildo and he enjoys it, does it make him gay?

    being sexually and or romantically attracted to members of your own gender makes you gay. that and nothing else.
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    Samus VS Master Chief. Who would win?

    samus. hands down. nothing against halo fans, but she's just more powerful.
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    Cult Classics: Yay or Nay?

    bruce campbell is the shit.
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    Do you like any Video Game Characters in general?

    i have a bit of a crush on fran from FFXII. and not because she's all scantily clad and shit. frankly i'd prefer it if she covered up a bit more. it's because her character design is awesome, her voice creeps me the hell out in the best of ways, and i've always had a soft spot for bunnies...
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    Cult Classics: Yay or Nay?

    labyrinth... bowie.... *foams at the mouth*
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    The movie 300

    i loved it, personally. it was visually gorgeous, which was really why i watched it. i mean it was a good movie, but sometimes the visual aspect just overshadows the rest of the film. that happens sometimes. *cough*hero*cough*
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    The "to whom do you pay your respects" thread

    israel kamakawiwo'ole