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  1. CynicalCirno

    Israel's Independence Day

    Was technically yesterday, considering it is now about 3AM. We have needed a lot of luck to reach 63 years of freedom. Yesterday was also the official IDF casualities and terrorism casualities day. I need not explain any further. Happy Independence Day
  2. CynicalCirno

    Trackers / Demos / Cracktros soundtrack

    I know a bit of those, generally by exploring modarchive and looking for things with weird names, and the YTPMV community which knows a fair lot of them. I didn't grasp the method of using trackers to build music yet. Does any of you know about it? How are the sample made, or composed? What...
  3. CynicalCirno

    Terorrist Attack in Jerusalem

    Charge placed in line 74 bus station detonated this wednesday, this afternoon(Considering it is 5:02 PM currently), injuring 25 people. The Popular Resistance Committees, a Gaza terror group, lauded the attack and said it came in response to "Israel's crimes." I condemn the use of...
  4. CynicalCirno


    Cirno culture thread, once again. Tomorrow, a joyous holiday will be celebrated. Unlike other relligions, celebrating "We have killed that man, let's party!", we celebrate Purim because the Jewish nation was saved from genocide. The story is bluntly like this, following the Book of Esther...
  5. CynicalCirno

    Murder Celebration

    Local Politics They were stabbed and slaughtered in their sleep by a man armed by a cold weapon(Knife, presumably), which may as well be called a terrorist.(Terrorists express their minds by threatening actions). "What? They are allowed to express their mind! It's a human right, independent...
  6. CynicalCirno

    What if you didn't wake up one day?

    *In this case you are alive, as nothing would happen if you were dead. A war began while you were asleep and a fatal mistake at striking with long lasting radioactive warheads by your country has led to the death of every citizen in an approximate range of 400 KM, and you didn't hear it and the...
  7. CynicalCirno

    Former Israel's President Prosecuted

    Last week former Israel's president Moshe Katzav was prosecuted after a long period of judgement. His crimes were raping, molesting and other sexual activities since 1981, when he was a minister. His period in jail will be between 4 to 16 years. He was also prosecuted for disordering the...
  8. CynicalCirno

    Haifa Inferno

    http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3993206,00.html 22 people killed in flames with the exception of the bus. Since 11 AM in the morning, Israel's fire departments have been trying to fight an enormous fire. A kibbutz(Somewhat bigger than a village) was almost completely taken out in...
  9. CynicalCirno


    Oh, this is the first day of my beloved jewish holiday. Today we light the first candle, and we enjoy the usual treats of the festival of lights, such as Sufganyot(Donut - buns, with sugar topping and usually strawberry jam) and Levivot(Pretty much potato pancakes), they are both fried in deep...
  10. CynicalCirno


    There were enough articles about the subject in many newspapers, and it seems to cause a lot of rage among some countries. Many countries that have been silent have expressed an opinion in letter sent to the american goverment. How the american goverment's officals think of people wasn't very...
  11. CynicalCirno

    M i k u

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTXO7KGHtjI I can't stand that It was featured on our news, the fuck. Channel 10(Second greatest news channel in the country, imo), "Today in a minute" spot with Guy Zohar, right here , had it. I was doomed to death. It's stuck in my head, and it made me cry...
  12. CynicalCirno

    Mermorial day of Yizthak Rabin

    Today(20/10) was the mermorial day of the deceased prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, which was murdered in 1995, exactly 15 years ago, by a right wing protester who shot two times into his chest. A few minutes before that he sang "LaShalom"("To The Peace") together with thousands of supporters...
  13. CynicalCirno


    Have you been to one? In any case possible. As a patient, or as a doctor(Surgeon), whatever applies. They can seem scary and creepy in many cases, but not in my case. I am neither a doctor nor a patient, and never had a surgery, but I had two explorations in what called "The most advanced...
  14. CynicalCirno

    Your last desire

    Let's say you had a day, a hour or five minutes to live - what would be your last desire? Be it donating your body to science, tell your parents that you love them, send a note to the president of your country, or just die painlessly. There are exceptions, for example if you drove in a car...
  15. CynicalCirno

    Priest threatening the holy muslim book

    A priest commenced attack on all the Kuran books and wants to turn the day to the official day of burning those books now all the political people rage on it. If he actually burned one lame book with lies in it, a world war would commence. and hence, I would throw my bible to a fire of...
  16. CynicalCirno

    The NZC sign

    I drew it a two days ago, but it didn't come out as I wanted, and it came in low quality. So I have the basic lineart, the details, and I would just like you, if you want, to redraw it. NZC = NaziJewCommunist It was a joke that one of my YT friends made, so I thought making something to...
  17. CynicalCirno

    The salary of a terrorist

    It's not so bad, you know. If I would be paid like that, I would be the happiest man ever existed. The results of a test on the income of terrorists around the Taliban has comed to: 200$ dollars a month. Not the best so far. 1000$ advancement for killing a western soldier. 6000$...
  18. CynicalCirno

    Palestinians assault Israeli civillians and shoot them close range.

    Yesterday night a group of palestinians in a car assaulted a subaro car holding seven civillians inside it. They accelerated, shot full automatic on the left side of the car, fatally injuring all passengers in the upper chest. All dead. One of the medics found his wife between the dead. None...
  19. CynicalCirno

    I am digging my own grave

    This is the hottest day in Israel. 122 years have passed since then. I am dying. God knows how much time the electricity will hold. 44 C in the area 90% humidity I am digging my own grave now.
  20. CynicalCirno

    Most users ever online

    New record for once Pretty much a lot And still increasing. Congratulations FAF