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  1. SurlyOrcPunk

    Harder to draw - Males or Females?

    I don't really have an issue drawing either gender.... But I do have an issues drawing the thighs of a female... and any gender from behind. Those are always my weak points. I'm also working with more dynamic poses and foreshortening
  2. SurlyOrcPunk

    what music

    Thanks.... :) I try to be diverse, but punk rock well always have ap lace in my heart. :D
  3. SurlyOrcPunk

    HardStyle Radio

    I love hardstyle. I can jumpstyle and hardstep to it.
  4. SurlyOrcPunk

    what music

    Punk Rock, Oi, Ska, Reggae, Dancehall Ragga, Dubstep, Drums 'n' Bass, Indie Rock Folk Punk, Underground Hip Hop, Experimental Electronica, IDM, Industrial, Goregrind, Crustgrind, Ska Punk, Skinhead Reggae (<---- Not racist), Digital Hardcore, Gabber, New Wave, Grindcore, Crust Punk, Indie Folk...
  5. SurlyOrcPunk

    Hello and "Zug Zug"

    Thanks for being cool... I was a little nervous saying "I'm just a causal observer"
  6. SurlyOrcPunk

    MMORPGs - I'm at my wit's end

    I play WoW myself and I do think that alot of the players are pretty immature, even on the so called "RP" or "RPPvP"... It's ashame that alot of MMORPG's get tainted by idiots. As far as WoW goes, it's overrated and I like to play it. :) Just so many dam kids thinking they know everything...
  7. SurlyOrcPunk

    Hello and "Zug Zug"

    Hey guys. I've never really been into furries before. But I've found that there is a world of Furry Muscle and Rough and Tough Furries out there that cater more to my interest. :D My little userpic, was created by me... I don't have "fursona", I just enjoy a good piece of fantasy artwork...