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    "Select All" Remove (for comments, etc) removed?

    The uber "Select All" button for comments/journals/watches/favs etc has been removed--this a new intentional change? It was mighty convenient to just hit "Select All" > Remove instead of now having to hit all the individual "select all" buttons for each category, then hitting remove. Takes...
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    Adult Submissions no longer show in Recent Uploads?

    Bah, my questions were answered, if anyone's having the same trouble: http://www.furaffinityforums.net/showthread.php?tid=7961
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    FA Statistics?

    This has probably been asked and answered before, but I'm just curious--is there any where/way to view FA's statistics? I'm just curious how many active users are floating around the place. :] Cheers, -Blotch
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    Free Art If You Act Fast!

    EDIT: The leopard has left the building. Thanks for all the excuses to sketch! :] ---- Hullo! I got a new pen today. I really like this pen. I also have around an hour to kill. To alleviate some of the boredom of waiting around, I'm offering a quick (really quick, I can't promise a master piece)...
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    - Gesture Drawing -

    Gesture Drawing: I touched on the importance of gesture drawing in the last sketching tutorial I posted. A quick recap: The most important thing to making art is the realization that a finished piece is the product of hundreds of studies, practices, or no-so-finished pieces. A major part of...
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    Sketching Tutorial: Breaking out of the "Box"

    Sketching Tutorial: Breaking out of the "Box" This is not a "drawing" tutorial where I'll show you the finite, end all to How-To-Draw-Perfectly. I call it a "sketch" tutorial because that is the area most artists need help in. The purpose of this tutorial is to get you sketching! The most...
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    Progress Scans of T for Tigers

    Hullo! Well, if anyone is interested, I took a bunch of progress scans through the different stages of painting T for Tigers. You can find 'em all here: http://coyote-tangent.com/screwbald/tprogress.htm (A warning, the final piece is Adult) Cheers and Happy New Year! -Blotch
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    Blotch's Winter Print Sale!

    Zomg. Dear Interweb, Well, tis the season--what season? Winter of course! And how better to keep yourself warm than looking at some nice porn prints? Or, I guess you can get the warm fuzzy feeling giving art as a gift to someone. Whatever. Short end is, for 5 days only, Dec 1-5th...
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    Blotch - MFF Artshow and Artist Alley!

    Just wanted to drop a note and say I'll be there, with stuff in the artshow and down on Artist Alley Saturday taking Badge/small commissions! More info, plus some photos of matted art, down on my LJ: http://screwbald.livejournal.com Hope to see some people from FA there! Cheers and good...
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    Blotch - Attending MFF!

    Just wanted to drop a note and say I'll be there, with stuff in the artshow and down on Artist Alley Saturday taking Badge/small commissions! Hope to see some people from FA there! Cheers and good travels! www.screwbald.com
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    Artist Share

    I know I get really inspired to work on art after I find a new artist with an intriguing technique/style. In short: I just thought I'd link a couple of people who's work gets me fired up to work on my own stuff. I also invite anyone else who has any other artists that inspire them to please...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    Hullo! Well, as the subject suggests, I'm happy to offer redlines if I can on any artwork/sketches someone is having trouble with. Feel free to drop a reply if you'd like, and I'll try to get back soon as I can. Also have these threads up for Tutorials/Help: Sketching Tutorial: Breaking...
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    Blotch: Websites, Originals, Furbid Oh MY!

    Hullo! I'm just dropping a note basically stating I'm a money mongering, slavering starving artist who likes to eat more than dried paint chips on occation! :] http://www.furaffinity.net/user/blotch I really I just wanted to say my website is now up and running, at: www.screwbald.com The...
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    Easy Guide to Composition

    Hullo! In my years of travel, I've often met new artists who are asking for critique or help bettering their artistic style. You can have all the technique in the world, the finest brush detail, the smoothest washes, flawless anatomy, the perfect lighting and that spot-on eye reflection--but it...