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  1. Tommy

    A sketch of my fursona

    Well, now that I have an avatar, I now would like a full-body drawing, so that I could have a better reference on my fursona's appearance. My only references are my avatar, and my text reference in my signature. However, his hair is slightly shorter now. But otherwise, those two refs should...
  2. Tommy

    Avatar from Text Reference

    Well, I've had this problem for a little while now. I need an avatar, but I'm an awful artist, and I don't have any picture references, or any way to pay for a commission. So if anybody wants to step up to the challenge, be my guest. A headshot is really all I need, and a sketch would be...
  3. Tommy

    Might as well make one.

    Name: Tommy Age: 16 Sex: Male Species: Red Fox Height: 5'11" Weight: 175 lb. Appearance: - Hair and fur: Reddish brown fur. Medium length hair, somewhat messy. - Markings: None - Eye color: Brown - Other features: None Behavior and Personality: Very friendly, loves to get into conversation. Can...
  4. Tommy

    Hello everybody.

    Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Tommy. I'm new to the general furry community, and fairly new to the fandom. Here are some things you should know about me: 1. I'm young. Hopefully that isn't too much of a problem. 2. I'm not very creative, and I'm a bad artist. I'm slowly learning...