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  1. Kalvo

    Kalvo's Music thread

    Stringing from the idea of Eyal, I thought that instead of spamming up the forum with threads for each thing I do, I might as well start a progress thread of my own, where I will post my musical submissions in the hopes that I can receive criticism and advice on said submissions, so I'll start...
  2. Kalvo

    A Dubstep-ish demo - Critique?

    So I've been messing in FL Studio; I currently only have the demo version, and I was working on a Dubstep style piece. I would like some critique on how it sounds so far, and/or any suggestions on what I could add to it, like any other instruments, pattern ideas, etc. Keep in mind I'm new to...
  3. Kalvo

    Hello Erryone

    Uhm. Hi, I go by Kalvo. Just thought that since I'm new, I'd stop here to say hi. Well, first of all here's a bit about myself. -I love music. It's a big part of my life. -I enjoy art, although I'm not as good at it as I'd like to be, yet. -I am a fairly friendly person, and enjoy to have fun...