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  1. XanderZzyzx

    Do you feel you've "matured" as a furry?

    You know what? That's about how I see myself. I think (or hope) that I have matured as a person too over the past couple of years, and as such that maturity has spread into my interests such as furry. One thing I do know is that I no longer let things other furries say or do bother me like they...
  2. XanderZzyzx

    I found this stupid petition:

    Yet they somehow manage to get themselves a new fursuit and a monthly supply of commissioned art; while they simultaneously complain that they can't afford food for the next month, or they're unable to make the rent and need donations to keep from losing their home. :v
  3. XanderZzyzx

    Disney Furries

    I'd have to say that Disney was just one of the many factors during my childhood, that contributed to my finding furry. Also, none of my characters are based on any Disney movie or other works.
  4. XanderZzyzx

    Have you ever been to a furry con?

    1) Have you ever been to a furry con? No, at least not yet 3) If not, would you want to go to one? Yes, but I think I would rather go to a smaller convention than to one of the major furry conventions... at least at first 4) If you are going to one, where will it be? Haven't planned that far...
  5. XanderZzyzx

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    The origin of my fursona name is kind of lame. It started off as a joke among friends about what would be likely the last name to find in a phone book, so I came to be known as Xander Zzyzx.
  6. XanderZzyzx

    Flayrah and WikiFur Down?

    Wikifur is down for me too, I just tried accessing it to reference something. Those who are still getting must have cached copies of the site, then.
  7. XanderZzyzx

    Hi guys, it's me.

    Welcome back Deo, I had wondered where you ended up. It sucks to hear the hard times you landed on, I hope things start looking up for you soon.
  8. XanderZzyzx

    Post your furry code!!!

    Wow, I haven't seen reference to the furry code in a very long time. I believe the only time anybody would use it today, would be for nostalgia purposes. FMaT3adrw A C- D++ H+ M- P R T W- Z- Sm RLCI a30 clmn+ d e+ f h+ i+ j p- sm+
  9. XanderZzyzx

    Members by Species

    Username: Xander Zzyzx Species: Tasmanian devil Category: Marsupial
  10. XanderZzyzx

    Making the noise of your Fursona's species.

    I wouldn't make the noises of my fursona species because I'd likely scare away everyone. Plus, making animal noises in everyday settings would make you out to be insane or suffering from Tourette Syndrome.
  11. XanderZzyzx

    First OS you've ever used

    Oh wow, somebody else who had used the VIC-20. I'm not as old as you are, but my family at the time was way behind the technology curve.
  12. XanderZzyzx

    Murrsuiters get event cancelled and possible full-life consequences

    Okay, I'm late to this thread, but I still need to give my thoughts. All I can say about this is: Fucking furfags have to ruin the fandom as a whole, again. You know, it's hearing incidents like this that cause me to really dislike the fandom as a whole. I can tell already that the fuckers in...
  13. XanderZzyzx

    Is it hot?

    I do it as more of a convenience thing.
  14. XanderZzyzx

    Is it hot?

    It's pretty much normal where I am. The daytime highs have been reaching the high 20s to low 30s on the Celsius scale. Translated, that means 80-90F. I'm welcoming the warmer weather after it's been cold and wet all spring and most of the summer up to this point.
  15. XanderZzyzx

    The animal in you

    I took this test and got: Porcupine. I didn't think I was that much of a prick. :V The Test said I could also be a gorilla or a hippo... Hey! I'm not *that* big.
  16. XanderZzyzx

    How many threads have you created since you joined FaF?

    Since I've been registered with FAF I've only started 1 thread - my intro thread. I tend to be quiet and am more of a lurker than a poster.
  17. XanderZzyzx

    Soda or Pop?

    To the OP: I'm strange, I find myself using both "soda" and "pop" interchangeably. When it comes to these polls/questions, I typically answer "soda-pop" just for fun. Here it is known as "swamp water".
  18. XanderZzyzx

    Furry names?

    I should develop some characters as well, so I can at least get creative with the naming.
  19. XanderZzyzx

    Furry names?

    Now I wish I had put more thought into my furry name, which came from a username I conjured up back when I first got on the internet. It doesn't mean anything other than "to make a noise".
  20. XanderZzyzx


    Welcome to the forums, have fun. :)