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  1. PeppermintRoo

    Any other programmers?

    Well, by my line of reasoning and personal interpretations, that would actually increase the magic of it for me. But learning the theories behind processors was enough for me; I'll leave their real-world design to the double eeeeeeeee's.
  2. PeppermintRoo

    Any other programmers?

    When I first started programming, I was truly amazed. It simply felt like magic, and I didn't understand how it possibly worked. Now, quite a bit later, I have a much, much better understanding of how computers work... but I still think of it as magic. Somewhere along the line, the analogy...
  3. PeppermintRoo

    Any other programmers?

    Programming is a lifestyle for me. Despite my affinity for Unix and general distrust for most closed source software, I've actually fallen into a position as a C# developer. I work for a virtualization software company, and so far I find it adequately fulfilling. Besides that, I write bash...
  4. PeppermintRoo

    Online vector editor

    It used to be that all my art was done in Macromedia Flash, but since moving over to Linux, I now do 80-90% of it in Inkscape. It's easily one of my very favorite open source applications.
  5. PeppermintRoo

    So I stumbled across an operating system...

    Y'know, if SkyNet ever really is developed, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it came from Bell Labs. They get a lot of US DoD contracts, are typically very hushed about what they're working on, and as of 2008 have taken to the direction of, "networking, high-speed electronics, wireless...
  6. PeppermintRoo

    So I stumbled across an operating system...

    When wandering around on Wikipedia, I stumbled upon an OS that I had never heard of before, but which deeply intrigues me. It's called Plan9. From previous posting and browsing, I've definitely seen some furs on here have some *nix experience (making a shout-out to you Toeclaws :3) But has...
  7. PeppermintRoo

    What browser do you use

    There are two reasons I can think of of to use lynx (though I use links2 instead; it's much more developed.) 1) Automating web processes that rely on session id's and other anti-spamming methods. 2) If you're lacking a GUI but still need to look something up. (This mainly applies to when I'm...
  8. PeppermintRoo

    Overclocking: Phenom II @ 6.3GHz!

    I understand that overclocking can be like an art form, but honestly everyone I know who does it also seems to have very unstable systems. I don't know if it's a causal effect, or just a very strong correlation.
  9. PeppermintRoo

    Uh... Hi.

    Welcome to FAF; you'll fit right in. :3 Nice choice in major. The math can be a pain, but stick with it and many good things will come your way. Be sure to check out Bits & Bytes.
  10. PeppermintRoo

    Mascara O.o

    I really prefer the look of more natural females. I'm put off by makeup. I do approve of shaving, though it's not necessary.
  11. PeppermintRoo

    Enter: Diane!

    Welcome to FAF, Diane. It's refreshing to see someone who takes spelling and grammar into consideration while posting. :3 You have quite a nice gallery on FA so far, and good luck with those 3D shapes for your class.
  12. PeppermintRoo

    ** Happy Birthday, Apple Macintosh! **

    - Apple combines existing technologies to create a GUI. - Windows steals the idea. Skip, skip, skip - Apple steals its OS from open source Unix derivatives. - Windows steals the look and feel of the design. Trend: Apple steals or borrows technology from the open market, then Windows rips it...
  13. PeppermintRoo

    ** Happy Birthday, Apple Macintosh! **

    Yup. It's got the full GNU standard apps, and is even running bash by default. I'm just not certain on whether it has GNU Make or not. I hope it does, otherwise compiling from source would be considerably more difficult. Supposedly? Hah, no, that's entirely what OSX is built off of. It's...
  14. PeppermintRoo

    Well i'll say hello

    Welcome to FAF, Jackal. I've also got a joke for you: Q - How is knocking up your girlfriend like locking your keys out of the car? A - Both can be solved with a coat hanger.
  15. PeppermintRoo

    ** Happy Birthday, Apple Macintosh! **

    I'm not sure what this thread is quite coming to... I think it started off with a bad first post, and has mostly fallen into Apple slander. But here's my $.02 on Macs: I have a strong bias. I really dislike Apple as a company. I disagree with their business model and ideology. But that's...
  16. PeppermintRoo

    Oh, hi! My intro.

    Web design, you say? That's awesome. You should definitely link some of your work; I'd be interested in seeing it. If you enjoy web programming, or computer geekocity in general, I'd strongly recommend that you check out Bits & Bytes.
  17. PeppermintRoo

    hullo everyone! *purrs*

    Welcome to FAF. I hope you enjoy your stay. I like to suggest checking out Off Topic and Rants & Raves.
  18. PeppermintRoo

    Hello there

    I think you should say exactly three sentences per 12 hours, spread across however many posts you'd like. But that's just my opinion... really, it's up to you.
  19. PeppermintRoo

    And now....the weather...

    *cries* -11 C, here by Chicago. =/
  20. PeppermintRoo

    Im never doing this again

    Why does my toe hurt?