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  1. Mauve

    Firearms/Outdoors Talk

    Oh boy.... Where I live, a lot of people are interested in guns. I am no exception to this. Ever since I was a kid, I've been around firearms. I was taught how to use them at a young age. My strong interest in firearms is mainly because of this. And because there's not much to do where I live...
  2. Mauve

    Fucked up joke thread.

    What's the difference between a Taliban outpost and a Pakistani Elementary school? What's the difference between a priest and a pimple? Thomas Jefferson liked his women how he liked his coffee.
  3. Mauve

    Has anyfurry/anyone been trolled by a video game

    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for Gamecube had this thing called a sanity meter. If your character's sanity meter is low, he/she starts to hallucinate. The next room you enter might be upside down, your character's head might explode while you try to cast a spell. But it turns out to be an...
  4. Mauve

    Fucked up joke thread.

    So a baby seal walks into a club...
  5. Mauve

    What are you a natural at?

    I can usually tell when a person is trustworthy or when they're not being completely honest. I just have to look at their body language. Usually I'm correct. This is much harder to do behind a computer screen, for obvious reasons.
  6. Mauve

    Things we haven't been told - YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH EDITION

    The devil placed dinosaur bones into the ground to confuse humanity about their origins.
  7. Mauve

    Paranormal Occurences

    Never. The closest things I've had to "paranormal experiences" were episodes of sleep paralysis. Even then, I quickly found out that it's simply a ****ed up trick that your brain causes.
  8. Mauve


    I didn't celebrate Halloween this year. Really, I haven't celebrated in years. It's just another day to me.
  9. Mauve

    lesson learned thread

    Just learned this tonight: If you have a "friend" or---even worse---a family member who gives up on you when you constantly make mistakes, that person doesn't deserve to have you in their life. Unless you committed a foul act (murder, battery, slander, etc.) that caused the individual to turn...
  10. Mauve


    Tried it for social anxiety and in the end I never got better. Therapy has never helped, only medication. I think half of the things they "sell" are mind tricks that don't necessarily fix anything. I've had to teach myself to understand when I'm thinking irrationally. It doesn't always work, but...
  11. Mauve

    lesson learned thread

    1. Most people will talk the talk, but won't walk the walk. 2. Getting into a relationship with someone is difficult enough. Finding the right person is even harder. 3. The only way to get what you want is by working toward it. 4. Life is not a set path. Today you may be an artist, later in...
  12. Mauve

    things you just dont understand

    People who go to a movie theater to talk on their cell phones. I'm not bothered by it because I'm used to having others talk in the background. But I find it odd to choose a movie theater of all places to have such conversations.
  13. Mauve

    How Did You Choose Your Fursona?

    I chose to be a "Mauve Ram" because I have quite a bit in common with the regularly colored animal. The color was just added because probably just being a "ram" wouldn't help my fursona stand out at all. Also, mauve is my favorite shade of purple, and my third favorite color overall. "Red ram"...
  14. Mauve

    Collectors/hoarders unite!

    Empty beer bottles. But that's it.
  15. Mauve

    What Financial class are you? How did you get to it?

    Low. I was born under a working class family, so I had no choice. Right now I am a videographer and DJ at a local bar, and you can probably imagine how little money I get from these "professions." I make less than $8,000 a year since graduating less than two years ago. The kicker is that...
  16. Mauve

    What is something interesting about you?

    I have had problems with sleep paralysis. Five days ago I had my third episode. It's not fun. :(
  17. Mauve

    Wearing a tail

    No, but I have worn a collar in public. I didn't get any reactions.
  18. Mauve

    Straight Male Furs

    I am straight....but I am also bi-curious. Not sure if that removes my straight sexuality or not.
  19. Mauve

    FAF Drinking game

    How about: Take a shot for every canine avatar you come across? You'd probably die, but it'd be worth every drop.
  20. Mauve

    Confessions thread

    I don't like many people, my family included.