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  1. Comboio-Bolt

    A Bolt suit? Is there such a thing?

    Well, I know here in Portugal, there aren't any Furry Conventions (Like the ones I saw in photos on some sites), but I still, loved to have a Bolt Suit, like for example, the Disney Staff on USA have... Does anyone knows where can I buy one or how could I make one? I mean... I just love to have...
  2. Comboio-Bolt

    Just arrived here... Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone. Just arrived to FAF... which was a forum that heard a lot as "a good place for furrys". :) Ok, presenting my self now, I'm Pedro, I'm from Portugal and recently got into the Furry Fandom, I could say that I'm a bi-person but I think I'm more gay than straight. Anyway, my fursona...