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  1. NovaMetatail

    FursonaVille Furry Forum

    I recently started this forum. I don't expect it to go anywhere necessarily, but I've been surprised before. ;) FursonaVille is a general forum for furs 13 and up. Proboards is cautious about adult content, so that's the best I could do. :) Located here...
  2. NovaMetatail

    Roleplaying Paradise Forum!

    I have created a forum specifically for written, story telling RPGs (not the Dungeons & Dragons kind). I'm hoping to get a few members, so I'm posting the link: http://roleplayingpardise.proboards.com/ -Nova
  3. NovaMetatail

    Fursonas and the Enneagram

    The Enneagram is a personality profile system, using numbers 1-9 as types, and each type also has a "wing", which is an extension into another type. I want to see if fursona species relate in any way to personality types. Please take this quiz, the first...
  4. NovaMetatail

    Funny Things You Want to Suit As?

    Have you ever daydreamed about suiting as something just as a joke? If so, what have you wanted to dress as? Personally, I plan to go as an ALOT: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html -Nova
  5. NovaMetatail

    Species that go well together?

    Have you ever noticed any particular fursona species that tend to date each other frequently? Such as foxes and dragons, or cats and cats, or wolves and dogs or any other combination? At MFF, based on a very small sample size, it seems kitsunes/foxes and dragons go well together as couples...
  6. NovaMetatail

    Tails, Wings, and Knowing...

    It has taken me two years to fully figure out my fursona. Whether I will stick with dragon or not I cannot say, since I can't see the future...but one thing I do know, it feels nice, better than the others, and since I have been more enthusiastic about furry. What was most interesting, was how I...
  7. NovaMetatail

    Account Problem: Username Change?

    I know this sounds silly, but I am known more commonly in the furry community as Nova Metatail. Since this is the case, and also I have decided to change my fursona to dragon, I would like to request a username change to "NovaMetatail". Thanks much! -Nova
  8. NovaMetatail

    Pagan Furry Forum

    Sorry for being gone so long. I was sorting things out. Anyway, I have created a forum for all furries who are pagans or interested. Feel free to take a look. In need of members. http://paganfurries.10.forumer.com Thanks! -TheFeatheredOne
  9. NovaMetatail

    Bug Fursonas?

    I'm thinking of creating a secondary fursona as a Cicada or insect of sorts. Serious opinions, what do you think some characteristics a bug furry might have are? In other words, what personality traits? (I want to see if this matches up well enough.)
  10. NovaMetatail

    Religious Beliefs/Affiliation?

    Now, be serious with this. Do not flame others based on their beliefs! This is presented as a survey, but wont be recorded as such. It's just for this forum: 1.) What do you consider your religion to be? 2.) What beliefs do you hold that are consistent within that religious group? (If you...
  11. NovaMetatail

    It all started when...

    So, how did you find furry? What was it about furry that made you join the subculture? What led you to find your animal? Explain? Any other comments? Please answer honestly, all! Thanks!
  12. NovaMetatail

    Fursona Stereotypes...

    This post is more for "fun" than anything (other than perhaps helping newbies figure out a species based on common traits). So, basing this off of yourself and others of the same species that you have met, what would you assume about your fursona? What traits do you associate with it, if any...
  13. NovaMetatail

    Any birds out there?

    This is basically a head-count. Birds, raise your wings/talons! I want to see how many of us there are out there :P
  14. NovaMetatail

    Hello From a Bird

    Hey, I was here before a while back, but I wasn't very active. When I tried to log in with what I think was my username and password, it was "incorrect", so I reregistered, and here I am again! :P Anyway, I go by the name of Nova in the community. I'm twenty years old, female, bisexual, and...