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  1. TheLostWolf

    Damn things have changed...

    So.. what's new, other than the skin and ads?
  2. TheLostWolf

    Summer's End...

    Happy Halloween/Samhain folks.
  3. TheLostWolf

    To settle this once and for all : Savannah, GA Furries

    If you live/work/ or go to school in Savannah or the Chatham Country area... Post here. :idea:
  4. TheLostWolf

    Bored so... MBTI/ Jung Profiles

    The Jung Typology is considered to be the most accurate depiction of personailty. Anyway I am a Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver or ENFP. I've heard it called both the "Champion" and the "Inspirer". What are you? If you haven't taken the MBTI recently.. here is short and fairly...
  5. TheLostWolf

    Mmmm FireFox 2.0

    Anybody else using it?
  6. TheLostWolf

    How do you roll?

    My neglected (damn photography and just ignore the blown highlights) truck/suv thing.. she finally got new tires.. that last set had nearly 80,000 miles on them. 2001 Explorer Sport.. So how do the rest of you critters get around?
  7. TheLostWolf


    I hate introduction. Anyway, My name's Ben, I'm a student at the College of Charleston and a professional photog. As for for personality quirks... hmm... you don't want to know... they might drive you insane. So Hello.