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  1. Dover


    What attracts you with thumbnails; an image relating to the story, or an info-image? What do you think attracts more people to the story, is what I am looking for really.
  2. Dover

    Fursona Appearance In Stories

    Alright so this story I've been working on has this sub character. And I loved writing him so much that I did a spinoff story. On top of that, I freaking love him and adopted him as my fursona. Is it a bad idea to have my own fursona appear in the main story as a sub character? Do you think...
  3. Dover

    Is this idea a little too intense?

    I'm in the midst of revising chapter two of my story, I want one of my characters to end up with a peg leg but it ended up broken and I don't know how to cut the broken leg off XD. I was going to go back earlier in the chapter and when a support beam falls down and blocks a door way, instead...
  4. Dover

    Critique and Suggestions Wanted!

    If you are interested in reading my first uploaded sample writing, here is an introduction paragraph to a story that's in the making. I need some suggestions on a title for the story, im not really good at them haha. Here's the link to my story: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12035852/
  5. Dover

    The Fandom: A closet guy's friend.

    Please delete thread. I've recently came to read several posts in several different areas about how straight guys are homo/bi for gay furry porn. This intrigued me. I'm wondering for all you straight guys out there who like gay porn but not the idea of being gay in real life, What's your...
  6. Dover

    Hello FAF!

    I am new to the forums here and just wanted to pop in and hello to the locals! My name is Edgar but I go by the general name of Dover. I have yet to create my main fursona because I can never make up my mind. A little about me: I love literature! Blank pages and pens are my friends because I...