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  1. Sam 007 NL

    Ew, man lives and feeds with his Wolf pack o,o

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2269114/Werner-Freund-Pensioner-spent-40-years-running-sanctuary-living-packs-wolves.html Dafuq, he is eating RAW meat and eats first to maintain his rank in the pack, he eats from their mouth and like kisses them or something o,o I like wolves, but not...
  2. Sam 007 NL

    Favourite fursuiters/fursuits?

    My ultimate favourite fursuiter has to be Mangusu, I go on his Twitter alot and he is a really nice guy. (Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJdodW39t20 ) I also like Ari, Nekari, Shiacoft, Coopertom and a few others. My most favourite fursuit has to be Valdracus though, It's absolutely...
  3. Sam 007 NL

    ''Recognise the Furry Fandom as a protected group''

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recognize-furry-fandom-protected-group/NxF986Pp I was in a Skype chat and someone posted it, I thought it was kinda funny and I had to share this. Thoughts over this? FURSECUTION! :V
  4. Sam 007 NL

    Ke$ha fursuit music video? WTF

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8A4QVop3-8 I don't even...
  5. Sam 007 NL

    Anyone play Command and Conquer Generals?

    Anyone play this game and looking for a few furries to play it with? I play it with 2 other furries and we have great fun. We use Hamachi to play it together. Anyone also got something to say about it? I think it's EA's only good game and a brilliant Strategy c: and brings memories from my...
  6. Sam 007 NL

    Far Cry 3 Discussion Thread

    So, is everyfur enjoying it? I picked it up for Xbox 360 and I'm in love with it. I go into enemy camps wth my bow and silenced sniper and take the pirates out like a ninja.
  7. Sam 007 NL

    What's yo' gangsta' name?

    http://gangstaname.com/names/gangsta/generate Type your name into it and see what it comes up with. I typed my name in (Sammy Radwan) and I got: Supa-Sprung Skull Cruncha. When I typed in my fursonas name (Volskar) I got: Machete Masta Red Snappa It's Caps Lock sensitive, so If i were to put...
  8. Sam 007 NL

    Furry Dialect

    Sup furfags. Anyways I've been making my own furry dialect because I am such a furfag and I'm bored. So far I have: -Pawsome (Awesome) -Yiff you! (Fuck you) -Purrson (Person) -Fur (For) -Fur-real (For-real) -Calm your tail! (Calm your tits!) -Tail (Tale) -Paw-five or High-Paw (High Five) But I...
  9. Sam 007 NL

    Uhm, Furtopia registering problem (need ppl who have an acc on it)

    Okay I know this is a different furry forum but I expect loads of furs to have an account on furtopia, anyways I was searching for more furry forums and I found furtopia and when I registered it says that I put in the verification questons in incorrect but they aren't -_- http://imgur.com/PSG2q...
  10. Sam 007 NL

    Make fun of your own country

    We've all done it before, made fun of somebodies elses country c:. So lets make fun of our own for a change! Just post something thats offensive to your own country or common stereotypes. I don't even know... WTF
  11. Sam 007 NL

    Need some help with this question I got

    Okay, I did look at the fursuiting guide but some questions were left un-awsered. So, I'm saving up for my own fursuit using the 5 euro a day technique, and when I get a quote I need to make a duct-tape dummy blablaanabaab The thing is though that I want it to be my fursona, it is a white wolf...
  12. Sam 007 NL

    How to get the old Youtube layout back c:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sb5kMru16V8 It's easy. Man I'm glad for this.
  13. Sam 007 NL

    Le Question

    I've always wondered....what are you supposed to wear under a fursuit? inb4someonepostthattheydontwearanythingunderneathsotheycanyiff
  14. Sam 007 NL


    Tell me your phobias, especially your weird ones. 1. Dreams - Urgh, I hate them so much. they're just so freaky. 2. Public toilets - They're so fucking creepy, don't ask me why. 3. CCTV Cameras - I feel like I'm being watched and followed and it makes me really uncomfortable. I went to my local...
  15. Sam 007 NL

    Xbox 360 CoD Black Ops Gamers thread.

    WAAAAAAAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPP I love Black Ops, that game is fricking brillant. So I wondered if anyone with an Xbox 360 + CoD Black Ops would like to organize some games! Like a Xbox Furry meet. e.g: S&D, TDM. If we had more than 6 players, we could do Custom matches. Ayone up for an online...
  16. Sam 007 NL

    Your country of origin + tell me about yourself.

    Hello here, I want to know some of the fellow Furs on the website, so please tell me about yourself. My name is Sammy, or Sam for short. I come from the Netherlands and i'm 15 years of age. I enjoy gaming, especially with other Furries. In my spare time, I like to surf the web, and make Furry...