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  1. .Antho

    Anyone attending Furality Legends tomorrow?

    Furality Legends is a VR convention hosted on VRChat, was wondering how many people around these parts would be going? I personally am, and since it's Heroes and Villains themed I thought of the greatest hero who had lived: Pepsiman. Going as the Baja Bros, bringing the bevs to the masses!
  2. .Antho

    Hiring: ($5+) 9.99$ to spare, looking to get a 'sona going. Maybe a moth?

    Hey all, Valentine here. I know $9.99 is almost insulting of a price to put up, but it's what I've got, sorry about that. But yeah! I was looking to get something, maybe a headshot to start? I was thinking about maybe a femme moth. Some ideas that I have off the top of my head I love the fluffy...
  3. .Antho

    Let's assume you were to hit your noggin.

    You hit your noggin, wake up, and have gained Acquired Savant Syndrome. This condition unlocks savant skills at an almost prodigy level of expertise, and is typically caused by a head injury to the left anterior temporal lobe, and has been artificially induced before. What's your skill? What's...
  4. .Antho

    At Dead of Night: A refreshingly old style of game done very, very well.

    At Dead Of Night is a point and click mystery horror game, that has been made by mixing FMV (full motion video) and actual in-game graphics to give a chilling, uncanny-valley sort of feel to the game. Described as part film, part game, you explore an old hotel attempting to discover the history...
  5. .Antho

    Do you like TCGs? If so, tell me about it

    I mainly play Yu-gi-oh and Pokémon, and learning MtG and Force of Will. I play a life force aromages deck in Yu-gi-oh, a Sirfetched fighting deck in Pokemon, a 3 color planeswalker army deck in MtG, and a Ghost in the Shell deck in FoW. What do you play? What are some of your favorite...
  6. .Antho

    Show me your vape setups.

    Personally, I'm using 2 devices: A UWell Caliburn G pod system for salt nic, and a GeekVape ZEUS tank on top of a Vaporesso GEN for my bigger clouds and better flavor. I vape a pink lemonade on my small boy, and a wonderful lychee menthol on the box mod, it tastes so, so good. What do you all...
  7. .Antho


    Howdy there! I'm Rose. I had an account here when I was like, what, 13? 14? Regardless, I return once again, no 'sona no more, starting from scratch. Just a few quick bullets about the dipshit typing this I love technology. Currently studying for a degree in cybersecurity. Mobile tech...