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  1. Tytysi

    How to Grow Your Fanbase??

    Hello everyone! I'm hoping to get some advice... Growing my fanbase on Furry Amino was no issue- I got featured a few times, and bam- lots of follows, people interacting with my art, it was great. However, most of my followers there are younger and aren't a great market for commissions/sales. So...
  2. Tytysi

    Hiring: Gore/Horror/Snuff {40-60$}

    Yes, hello! I just got my first paycheck at my new job, and what better way to celebrate than to commission a fantastical gore piece!? Ideally, I'll find an artist to work with long term for lots of pieces, and maybe comic panels. Requirements: 1-2 character(s), both male Suggestive/Sexual but...
  3. Tytysi

    Good Stand-alone Drawing Tablet?

    Hello!! I just started working from home, so now I have so much time to draw. Or, I would if I didn’t have to operate out of a virtual desktop, ing me unable to actually access my drawing program during work. Eek. So!! What is a great stand alone drawing tablet that you guys would recommend...
  4. Tytysi

    Looking To Do Some GORE Art {40$-60$}

    Hello all! This is separate from my primary sales thread as I’m looking to take on some gory commissions; I'd like to continue fleshing out this style. I'm a-okay with any and every gore-related theme provided it isn't hateful in nature. Here are links to my gore pieces so far- soft and hard...
  5. Tytysi

    Discussion for Littles/Baby/Diaper Furs

    Hey there everyone! Fresh topic, fresh conversation, and fresh perspectives. This is a topic for anyone that identifies as a Little or a Baby/Diaper Fur to come together and chat, share art of their fursonas, and answer any questions that people outside of the community have for us. Some...
  6. Tytysi

    Looking to Buy a Premade Fur Suit

    Hello all. I am looking for a premade fursuit that can be shipped in the US. I would say a budget of around 1000-2000$. Just try me. ^^ Some notes: Female characters only Kemono/Adorable suit styles highly preferred I don't like saturated colors I'd like this to come with a Lolita...
  7. Tytysi

    Drawing Your Young Furs

    I want to do some practice with coloring in backgrounds and drawing other young furs. So, I put together some poses from dA and snagged a bedroom design from one of those home decor sites. My own sona will be taking the slot sitting on the floor. Comment a reference of your young fur and...
  8. Tytysi

    Female Couple Selfie YCH

    Long story short, a client become rather nasty with me and now I have a YCH available. I don't really want to tweak the lineart if I can avoid it, so here's to hoping people have female characters to fit this! (Can come with or without movie theater background) The original pricing was about...
  9. Tytysi

    Any other Little/Baby/Diaper Furs?

    Hey guys! So, I've always had my one and only furry OC that represents me. He's a slender lion-mouse boasting confidence and athletic prowess. He's been my fursona for around 6 years now, but I've decided it's finally time for me to make a secondary, and what better secondary to have than one...
  10. Tytysi

    Looking For Cute Art (Closed)

    Hello, I have a lion-mouse and a ferret that are in need of art. I'm interested in: "Couple" art (more of a playful father/son duo) Chibis/Kemonos Cute backgrounds (lots of fluffy things- pillows and stuffed animals and such) Styles that are so cute, looking at them puts you at risk of...
  11. Tytysi

    Species/Breeds you dislike?

    Keep in mind that bashing is rude. Keep the discussion... inflammable. So, what species/breeds of sonas do you dislike? Why? Personally I don't like sonas with unusually long or large body parts (besides tails). So crocodiles, horses, and giraffes are some examples on that list. And sonas...
  12. Tytysi

    In need of some new arts!

    I figured now that I have a few hundred $ put back from taking commissions, I'll go ahead and buy one! There are a few options on what I want. Make sure you read them and tell me what you would want to take on. Lion-Mouse in Question Ferret in Question The Ferret's Human Form Blue = I...
  13. Tytysi

    Seeking a Patient Master

    Oh jeez, I didn't see there's a subforum for stuff like this... I'm sorry.. :(:oops: Heh, potentially pervy title is potentially pervy. But topic is not. Heh. Anywho! I've been doing digital art with a tablet and pen for less than a year, but I'd like to think I'm improving some. I've been...
  14. Tytysi

    Practicing Stuff

    Recycling this thread for something more relevantttttt. Well, relevant to my current interest. So I'm looking at my gallery and I realize I have a lot of themes or character types I have no examples of. I'd like to fix that. So, show me your characters and I'll go through and see which ones I'd...
  15. Tytysi

    Tyty's Looking for Trades (0/2)

    I'll do two trades for now. I like digital work mostly, but I'd keel over for a badge/other neat physical trinket. Userpage of tytysi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ^ Examples Here is the character I'd like drawn (anthro): Artwork Gallery for Tytysi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Drop examples of...
  16. Tytysi

    Semi-Closed Species -> Otherworlders

    This is my Otherworlder, looking to sell for 20$. Will look at other offers (I'm a huge fan of art!). The creator of the species is Furry Amino user notamaneater.
  17. Tytysi

    Tytysi's Shop {N/SFW} (Slots Available: 1/3)

    YCHs: Pricing info here: Commission Info for Tytysi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Payment Notes: Paypal only Payment must be sent before I start working on your piece Piece Notes: I will send you an approval sketch before I begin lining/coloring/shading. At this point, you can request changes...