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  1. DergenTheDragon

    (Commission) Selling: Dergens Commissions

    Hi my fellow furs. I'm opening up for commissions. Commission Info: I will draw ferals and anthros, I specialise in headshots, busts and half-bodies, I can also draw full bodies. I can draw references, I can design entirely new custom characters. I will not draw anything NSFW but I may draw...
  2. DergenTheDragon

    What a life changing month this has been..

    1 month ago.. today.. after living a secret life for some 5, 6 maybe even 7 years, I finally came out as a furry.. I decided it was about time I told my friends about my secret life as a furry, and they have all accepted me for who I am, some of them have even come out to me about their own...
  3. DergenTheDragon

    Free Art: Dergens request thread (RE-OPENED 1ST COME FIRST SERVED)

    Reopening this to the free art market because I need practice. Here is my gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/dergenthedragon/ Making free art of your characters, no price. Send me a reference and I'll have something ready for you in a few hours - a few hours. Reference can also...
  4. DergenTheDragon

    Wrong section my bad..

    Delete pls
  5. DergenTheDragon

    My fursona/character came to me in a dream.

    Dergen came to me fully formed vivid as heck, in a dream. Did anyone else have an almost epiphany-like event similar to this? Just wondering.
  6. DergenTheDragon

    I haven't drawn anything in 8 years, how's this?

    Title says it all, last time I picked up an art pencil was roughly 8 years ago, I've drawn Dergen a few times on my FA page. What do you think? (Contains vore art) https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dergenthedragon/
  7. DergenTheDragon

    Hi everyone.

    Hi everyone, my names Dergen. I am a Dragon (shocking I know), I'm new to the entire fandom. I'm not really sure what to put here. I'm a flightless dragon, I may act like the tough guy (much like my exterior) however once you break the surface I'm really a gentle giant. I'm really into vore, I...