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  1. Gronix


    Oh man.. 3-4 years passed since my so active furry days, that's when I was active here last, and I have some very serious and important memories to which this forum has been the medium for. I've grown a whole lot, and changed, for the better or worse, I'm no longer my former bubbly self, and...
  2. Gronix


    I feel like I could have made this thread before but meh I wonder if anyone plays osu here, or anything. For people who don't know what is it, it's an intense japanese rythm game. If you look it up on youtube, you will see I'm playing for almost 8 months now, and I'm about to become somewhat...
  3. Gronix


    Otter indeed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuwYaBnYX_g&feature=youtu.be Freaking adorable
  4. Gronix


    Ugh... I feel stupid for asking this question, but I wonder what do you think Do you think bisexuality is something very specific, like if you are into the same gender for the slightest, that already makes you one, or is it more like being a furfag, that if you are "into it" somewhat, and you...
  5. Gronix

    Dark Souls

    Hey, I just wonder if anyone played any of the "souls" series? I couldn't play Demon's Souls yet, because theres no PC version, however I bought both of the dark souls games, and if anyone is up for some challange I can just them. In case you haven't figured out, it's a HARD game. Well until...
  6. Gronix


    Sup! I'm not sure anyone will bother reading all this text about me, but hoping for the best. Sooooo like few days ago I'm suddently out of nothing I find myself getting hooked up really REALLY fast to kind of love the overall everything about furries. Exspecially the community. I truly believe...