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  1. Shahf the Wolfo

    Link to NSFW Furry Text-Adventure Bot!

    Heya all ^^ Just released a game I've been working on with another for a few months called: College Daze Playing as a subby red panda where you get to experience an end of College partay! Complete with alcohols, strange trips to the 4th dimension and of course a little bit of lewd ;) You can...
  2. Shahf the Wolfo

    Thoughts on Spyro Reignited Trilogy?

    I'm currently playing it on PC though was playing it on Playstation as a child. Having a blast! Saving all the precious dergun eggies.
  3. Shahf the Wolfo

    American biccies are just wannabe scones

    I know this thread is gonna bring a lotta heat. But these: Will never be equated to these: Will fite anyone who denies dis at sundown. Choose your weapon? 1v1 Overwatch, Counterstrike or Cod?
  4. Shahf the Wolfo

    Furry Interactive Text Adventure Games (NSFW)

    *UPDATED 04/07/21* Hi there ^^ Thought I'd link the text adventure games I'm writing with another fur. It's available on telegram and discord, and we've put a lot of work into them so thought it'd be nice to share with all you lovely furs :D We've just released our newest game: The Hound and...
  5. Shahf the Wolfo

    Where do you post about a text adventure game?

    Don't wanna tread on paws :3 I'd consider it art, in that it's written but I dunno :D Where would it go on the forums? Also awoo.
  6. Shahf the Wolfo

    Am Wolf... Awoo

    *Bork* giv biccies *Bork*