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  1. Faeroh

    Looking for a friend to help me with my fursona!

    Hai there! I'm looking for a good friend that can help me with a proper fursona! Not just a quick sketch, one thag I can truly feel accomplished of and let people know what I am, as of right now my current fursona was drawn by me and i'm not tooo happy with it to be honest. I'm a jackal furry...
  2. Faeroh

    Hai! I'm new here!

    Hai, I'm faeroh, a guy who loves egyptian themed things! Avians, Jackals, and Crocs! I look foward to being Extremely active on these forums and dive down deep into the furry community! I just joined tonight so i'm excited to see what furries exist here on FAF! I am a forum centered person and I...