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  1. RJ-Pilot

    Ask me anything about Japan

    Has anyone there actually ever seen a white AE86 with a black bonnet delivering tofu along mountain roads, and usually sideways? :P
  2. RJ-Pilot

    Paranormal experiences?

    Re: Paranormal expeiriences? I once parked my car outside a shopping centre, went in, and when I came out half an hour later... it was gone!!! I'd wanted to believe it became a ghost, doomed to forever cruise the motorways of the ethereal... Then a week later the police called wanting to know...
  3. RJ-Pilot

    How Many Characters Do YOU have?

    I have a main fursona, who is just me as a mongoose pretty much, and an alternate fursona who is everything I want to learn to draw better, so he's a fat ferret with a bionic arm. :P Improvement through repetition! :D
  4. RJ-Pilot

    AAHHH 2012!!!!

    Hehe, I want the world to end in 2012, because Hollywood has promised I get a free Cessna 340, and later, an Antonov full of cars! 8D
  5. RJ-Pilot

    Let's talk about cheese...

  6. RJ-Pilot

    Story behind your avatar?

    I drew mine about ten minutes after I joined the forums because none of my normal avatars were 150x150 resolution. Over 9000 minutes in Paint.net :D
  7. RJ-Pilot

    animals you have not seen as a fursuit? odd choices you have seen?

    I've never seen a badger, a binturong or a mongoose. I have seen a walrus before though...
  8. RJ-Pilot

    Snowed in and bored

    we got 0 inches over here now, but last month we got five, almost six millimetres! 8D For about a day.
  9. RJ-Pilot

    It's raining!!!

    Heh,,, Meanwhile in SW England... It's actualy not raining for once! :O Shame really, because rain means wet roads, and wet roads mean doriftu! :D
  10. RJ-Pilot

    Teens these days.

    When I was a kid all my friends wanted to be firemen and doctors and Cessnas when they grew up, what happened? D: All that's gonner happen if this kid gets the operation is he'll lose the ability to piss standing up, and regret it for the rest of his life. >.< Or he could wait until he's 18 and...
  11. RJ-Pilot

    Let's talk about cheese...

    Mmmm emmental. <3
  12. RJ-Pilot

    If anthros had mecha and robots...

    Muzzles, probably not unless it was an attempt to encourage trust through familiarity. Tails, more likely as a race with tails would engineer according to the familiar, and therefore tails would probably be implemented as a balance mechanism similar to their biological counterparts.
  13. RJ-Pilot


    I managed to freeze toast once. I put it in the freezer because it had just come out of the toaster and was too hot, then I forgot about it, and the next day all the condensation had turned to ice. Tasted foul too.
  14. RJ-Pilot


    Sweet! It's a fiendishly difficult subject, but totally worth it in the long run, especially with geologists being sought after by industy at the moment! :D
  15. RJ-Pilot


    d'aw, thanks! :D
  16. RJ-Pilot

    How tall are you guys?

    6'4", just about tall enough to be inconvenient.
  17. RJ-Pilot

    Lyrics of the song you're listening to?

    Radiohead: Spinning Plates [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQBDsNiCCNM] While you make pretty speeches I'm being cut to shreds You feed me to the lions A delicate balance And this just feels like spinning plates I'm living in cloud cuckoo land And this just feels like spinning plates Our...
  18. RJ-Pilot

    Furs By Species 2

  19. RJ-Pilot

    Animals in the Anthroverse?

    In my mind, my Fursona is a little mongoose guy who lives in my brain and talks me into buying stupid stuff on eBay. We don't talk as much since the Ritalin kicked in.
  20. RJ-Pilot

    Religious Beliefs/Affiliation?

    Heh, should probably skip this post then. 1.) What do you consider your religion to be? Agnostic-Athiest 2.) What beliefs do you hold that are consistent within that religious group? (If you don't follow any particular religion, put "N/A") N/A 3.) What beliefs do you hold that are NOT...