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  1. Togaryuman

    Character Design (Closed)

    Hey, I have had success here in the past on looking for artists to help me turn a character idea into a real thing, so here's the basic setup here. Things to know: I am fully 100% Color blind so I am sorry if it seems that I may not be able to describe all the coloured features on it, but I...
  2. Togaryuman

    Looking for Reference Sheet on Character (Closed)

    So I have been trying to get this thing off the ground for a while now but it has taken a while for it with minor complications on choice of look and design. The main things you should know is that this will be a Draconic character with scales, fur will also be involved. It will be an evolved...
  3. Togaryuman


    So I guess this is where all us new guys come to say hello and say a little about us so we aren’t complete strangers to ya! My name is Togaryuman (Togs, Gary, Togary) [Toe-Gary-U-Men/man] I guess the start should be that I am huge into this fandom or what you guys call it (did I mention I was...