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  1. Pharaoh-Ink

    (Commission) Selling: Pharaoh-Ink's Art Commissions

    I do, yes! Here's one to my deviantART, which I've had for a longer time: Pharaoh-Ink on DeviantArt And one to my fur affinity: Userpage of pharaoh-ink -- Fur Affinity [dot] net :)
  2. Pharaoh-Ink

    (Commission) Selling: Pharaoh-Ink's Art Commissions

    Hello everyone! I am offering commissions and could really use the work right now, as I am between jobs. I am able to draw humans and anthropomorphic creatures. I only accept payment via Paypal. I also will not accept commission orders for things I am uncomfortable with drawing, which would most...
  3. Pharaoh-Ink

    Cartoon style drawings starting at $10!

    Howdy! I've been online on various sites such as deviantART, Fur Affinity of course, and tumblr. I've done many commissions in the past and thought I would post here in case anyone might be interested! CAN DO: Humans Animals Cartoon styles Character design Fandom Original SFW images WILL...
  4. Pharaoh-Ink

    New Fox in Town!

    Oh that's awesome, congratulations, that's quite a fanfic you've worked on! And no hate on self inserts or OC's, I think they can be a lot of fun, and they certainly don't hurt anyone. Feel free to link if you're comfortable in doing so! I can't speak for everyone, but I think most people are...
  5. Pharaoh-Ink

    New Fox in Town!

    Nice to meet you Rena! I'm fairly new to the forums too. For some reason, your tumblr page was broken on my end, but I am assuming you did the art in your avatar? If so, nice! :D I also enjoy roleplaying and drawing too! What sorts of things are your favorite to write and draw about? I'm...
  6. Pharaoh-Ink

    Greetings! New to FA, FAF & The Fandom

    Hey Val, nice to meet you! I'm pretty new here myself. What are your favorite video games? :D
  7. Pharaoh-Ink

    Well, here I am.

    Welcome, I'm new as well! What are your favorite video games? :D
  8. Pharaoh-Ink

    Very new to FA and the forums - Howdy!

    Hey there! Nice to meet you. I went to check out your art on dA, and your username actually struck a familiar chord! Can't for the life of me remember where I've seen you on there, perhaps on the forums? Anyway, I adore Undertale as well, sad to say I didn't give it a chance at first before my...
  9. Pharaoh-Ink

    Seeking Darkwing Duck or Ducktales RP

    Hello there! I've been on the search for a while now for interested writing partners that already RP or are interested in RPing in these Disney Duckverses! I realize they're quite specific fandoms that might not generate a lot of interest, but I figure I may as well try! I've been RPing for 14...
  10. Pharaoh-Ink


    Hi there! I just joined the forums here recently, but I am not new to FA or any art site for that matter. I've been roaming the deep space internet for too long to count. If you'd like to take a look at my art, my handle is the same for most sites, feel free to check out what I do (which is...
  11. Pharaoh-Ink

    Art Requests! (Disney Duckverse only!)

    Howdy, I'm new to the forums, but I've had an FA account on and off for a few years. I've had a deviantART account for forever, but it's pretty dead around there. I recently got super back into Darkwing Duck and Ducktales, so I've been really into drawing content from that lately. If anyone...