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  1. Necire

    Read-only gone, but submitting is broken

    I know this sounds dumb but...under when it asks for username...are you letting chrome put in your email address as your username? Cause I was dumb and having the same problem until I realized that my username was being autofilled with my email.
  2. Necire

    Compromised personal info?????

    You mean people will know of my fetish for licking nutella off raging hard cock?!
  3. Necire

    It's Time for Real Account Security

    Guy's don't worry, I got the best security ever!
  4. Necire

    Compromised personal info?????

    you're safe as long as you don't use the same password for other sites as you do with FA. However, don't be surprised if MAYBE you get some emails that seem "Off" or from someone you have no idea whom it is. This is why I always have a unique password for every website I log into.
  5. Necire

    Something kind of funny about this downtime

    Yeah I'm gonna ask you stop it right there before you open up a can of Hades shit fire that you're going to regret ever unleashing.
  6. Necire

    Why is twitter the only site with updates?

    of course they're doing something! They're playing cards against humanity in the server room while eating quesadillas and watching blade runner director's cut!
  7. Necire

    Why do people hate being thanked for faves and watches?

    Well, someone's sure in a "shitty" mood.
  8. Necire

    The thing that bugs me the most about FA down time.

    Do you know what bugs me, everything. Every....fucking.....thing.
  9. Necire

    Why do people hate being thanked for faves and watches?

    Wow, people actually bitch that people thank them for favoriting their art or watching them? Did I end up in an alternate universe where being polite was considered a blasphemy and should be shunned?