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  1. otterpaws

    A rebranding.

    Hello all! I'm not new around here at all. You may know me as Veestars, and you might be wondering why I changed my username, persona, and such. Well, I've grown a lot as a person now, these eight months I've been active here. (Has it really been eight months already?) For example, I've found...
  2. otterpaws

    Post your favorite Pokémon!

    ^ Those are mine! As you can probably tell I like the cutesy ones more than the "cool" ones, which is probably why I ended up liking Pokémon over Digimon. One of my top favorites is Sylveon for personal reasons. Make your own: https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/ (It comes...
  3. otterpaws

    Gender-fluid/Gender-queer Appreciation Thread

    I have seen a lot of these appreciation threads for random things like elephants and cheesecake, why not have an appreciation thread for this as well? I don't see that much Gender-fluid/Gender-queer content on here or anywhere else for that matter, so throw everything you got!
  4. otterpaws

    Coming Out & Message to Trans & LGBT Friendos

    {Disclaimer: No hate! If you think that this is the right thread for arguing, insulting, whining, or fussing, please just go do something else, this is not the time or place to do any of that.} I'm just going to keep this OP rather short, or at least try to. I always thought I was cis male...
  5. otterpaws

    Request: Anyone interested in drawing a cute protogen?

    Hello, great artists of FAF! (Please don't make fun of me for playing a children's game >.>) I recently started playing Roblox after a younger sibling forced me to play. I found an LGBT hangout game on there and it was super wholesome, so, because of certain things, I ended up looking like a...
  6. otterpaws


    Share an aesthetic you really like, it can be any kind of aesthetic. As you can probably tell by my profile transformation, I have been liking vaporwave for a while. I don't really know what this aesthetic is called but it looks nice
  7. otterpaws

    Caption that image!

    The rules are simple. Caption the image above you and then post an SFW funny or random image. I'll start. There is no image above me so I'll caption it: "Endless void, so lame". Caption this image:
  8. otterpaws

    Request: Brand new bearsona in need of art!

    Hello! I recently created a new fursona! If you want to practice your skills drawing bears I would very much appreciate it!
  9. otterpaws

    ~~ask me anything,OR ELSE~~

    I am jealous of the three peeps that have made an AMA. GIVE ME YOUR QUESTION OR ELSE. I WILL {redacted} YOU!
  10. otterpaws

    Any furs that own/ride on a Peloton?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong section, I didn't know whether to put it here or on the general discussion ^^) The title is pretty explanatory. Do you own/ride on a Peloton (the stationary bike) regularly? If not, do you ride on any other stationary bike? As for me, my parents bought a Peloton...
  11. otterpaws

    At what age would you know you are Ace/Aro?

    So, recently with all the free time I have because of lockdown and such (and pride month), I have been thinking a whole lot more about myself than I normally do. I had always kind of thought I wanted to date people, but now that I think about it, I don't really know anymore... I have never...
  12. otterpaws

    Request: New Bunny Boy needs some artwork!

    So I recently crated a new fursona, since I was getting bored of my old one and never put too much thought into him. This time I actually put some effort into my new bun boi. It took me a while just to even decide on having him be a bun! Anyways, here he is: TAIGA ( name might change I suck at...
  13. otterpaws

    Forum Can I use another account at the same time as my main one?

    So I am very sick and tired of getting cockblocked by the reply restrictions thing. Whenever I get into the heat of casual roleplay (like in LPW) I get barred from posting. I'm so active that it happens a lot. I would really like to be able to ACTUALLY use the site so would I be allowed to...
  14. otterpaws

    Forum Reply Restrictions (Please help Im cursed)

    This message pops up all the time. Before any of you post, yes I know it is caused by posting too frequently. I'm not here to ask why this is happening. So I'm VERY active on this forum because I hang out in LPW and PVP and because of that I have the most messages this month so far, so it is...
  15. otterpaws

    Would you go on a date with the Avatar above you?

    Pretty self-explanatory. Would you ask the above user to go on a date with you? Maybe you would only go if they asked you. Not that hard of a concept to understand. Please keep it SFW we don't want an SRP thread. I'll start: No, because taking myself on a date would make me seem lonely...
  16. otterpaws

    AI Storytime, But More Epic!

    So you guys know the AI storytime thread, right? The one where you use the website, Talk to Transformer? Well, I have a much larger and cooler source of AI generated content! Home - AI Dungeon It's like all those old text adventure games. The only problem with those is that they never...
  17. otterpaws

    Best Playstation 4 Games

    I might buy the PS4 for my upcoming birthday, but it's hard to justify purchasing a console for Persona 5 Royal and the Persona dancing games :p. I know of a few other games like the Spiderman game and MLB the Show, but does anyone else recommend any games? Preferebly PS4 exclusives. Thanks...
  18. otterpaws

    Should I buy a PS4, PS4 Pro or wait for the PS5?

    Hey! So I was looking to purchase myself a Playstation console for my birthday because of playstation exclusives, Persona 5 Royal, and other reasons. I heard that the Playstation 5 is coming out this holiday season. Would it be better for me to save my money and wait, or just get a PS4?
  19. otterpaws

    Free Art: Looking For Something to Draw {Slots Left: 0/3}

    I'm bored and want to draw, but have no idea what to draw! Plus I have 100 likes or something so I'll draw your guy's fursonas/ocs if you want me to. I'll draw three for now and since I'm rather new to art, maybe giving a simple pose would help as well. Sorry if I don't draw your OC. Posts with...
  20. otterpaws

    Would you beat the Avatar above you in a fight?

    An underground furry fighting ring has opened for god knows why. Maybe there isn't enough action in forum games, but who knows. The rules of the ring are very clear. Simply state if you would win or lose if you had to fight the avatar above you. You can give a reason if you want to. I'll go...