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  1. reptile logic

    I Have Officially Retired From Writing Commissions!

    Your reasons why you quit are basically the same reasons why I decided not to offer my services for hire in the first place. Happiness and best of luck to you.
  2. reptile logic

    Tracking Character References in a Novella or Novel

    Assuming the story grows beyond a few pages; what I eventually do is copy character bits from my raw draft and paste them onto a document marked "character name". Depending on the story, I'll sometimes add some form of time stamp to those entries. If the story is relatively short, especially if...
  3. reptile logic

    Do you talk while in fursuit? Why or why not?

    Talking was forbidden in the Smokey Bear suit. Luckily, Smokey was always escorted by a spokesperson. I can certainly understand the "losing the magic" part of talking while suited. I likely wouldn't talk if wearing a suit that reflected my 'sona. As my 'sona is incapable of human verbal speech...
  4. reptile logic

    What's your all time favorite book?

    I have read hundreds of books. Try as I might, I cannot come up with a favorite book or even a favorite author. At this point in my life, I can't even narrow it down to a short list.
  5. reptile logic

    Hello everyone.

  6. reptile logic

    The meaning of "sona"?

    My 'sona is my most common dream self. Another way to describe her is that she's an ideal self-image. It is a form that I would love to wake up in; that I feel I could be content with, living as that person. This does not mean that I am discontented with my human self. It means that, all...
  7. reptile logic

    Movies or shows you think should be more popular with furries

    I was eight years old at that time, so I didn't see that movie until long after it's release. Sometime in my early teens, I discovered Fritz in a collection of comic books and porn that belonged to a much older cousin of mine. Not sure if he ever discovered that I had found his stash. Some of...
  8. reptile logic

    How much would you pay a proofreader?

    ^ Message sent
  9. reptile logic

    The wisky

    How do I take my whisky? Orally
  10. reptile logic

    How much would you pay a proofreader?

    From Bookbaby(dot)com, straight from their website: I didn't delve deeply enough to learn what word count per page they had settled on. Keep in mind that those actually doing the work only get some unlisted percentage of that: Proofreading: $3 per page Proofreading is the vital last step of the...
  11. reptile logic

    Progress so far..

    I would love a 'scalesuit', but my vision of what I would want is beyond my capability and price range. I'm a stickler for the details; both a positive and a negative trait.
  12. reptile logic

    Progress so far..

    ^^^ Nice! I have never raced; just don't have a competitive mindset. That said, I do love a track day or carving a canyon, or mountain road. Been doing that for over 35 years.
  13. reptile logic

    Progress so far..

    I know this is a fursuiting thread. That said, I couldn't help noticing things in that garage like motorcycles and chainsaws. Hello from a fellow machinehead.
  14. reptile logic

    Name's Fair. And I'm here to learn about furries.

    Can't think of anything to add to what's already been said, right now. All the high points that I could think of have been addressed. Enjoy your stay.
  15. reptile logic

    Uh.. hi-

  16. reptile logic

    Are you published?

    I am utterly impressed with video games these days. Funny though this may seem to many of you, I don't play them. The reason? I fear that if I got into them, they would suck up too much of my time. For this same reason, I don't watch TV.
  17. reptile logic

    Are you published?

    Since the established rules of this thread doesn't count self-publishing, I have not. That said, sales of my first novel have paid for the thousands of dollars that I spent on technical assistance, artwork, 'publishing' costs, and printing costs. That book now pays me a small, if inconsistent...
  18. reptile logic

    How do you express your creativity?

    Writing, of course. I also enjoy building things like custom motorcycles and cars; though it's been a while since I built one. I also enjoy construction projects. Building fountains, ponds and other water features is enjoyable for me, as well. I used to write paper RPG scenarios, but haven't...
  19. reptile logic

    Short story: Derelict

    Pages 9-13