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  1. Charleslr'93

    What's your most embarrassing or most exciting kink?

    NSFW discussion, warning. This is a just for fun type of NSFW question, no shame in being unique or open minded. Please no shaming.
  2. Charleslr'93

    A somewhat new Furry social media!

    Its lonely, come make it alive! https://www.anthrodex.com/
  3. Charleslr'93

    New years resolution?

    Do you have one?
  4. Charleslr'93

    Merry Christmas and happy new year

    I understand I may not have the ideal.. popular beliefs, I may have gotten on people's bad sad. I'm looking forward to the new year, yearning to turn over a new leaf. Anyway.. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Christmas.. enjoy the times you have, and cherish every moment you can get...
  5. Charleslr'93

    Why do people hate kids...?

    I have a three year old son, he's polite. shy. Kind. For a little boy he's pretty fun and bright. (Single parent, the other "half" is still in his and my life, she is still figuring out what she wants in life. So, my confusion is, why do people, furrs in particular hate kids? It's a genuine...
  6. Charleslr'93

    Other Oregon furrs near or around Saint Helens?

    Set up a coffee meet once a week?