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  1. The_biscuits_532

    Cool extinct lads

    Back at it again with the general wildlife appreciation threads! Dinos and all the other guys, drop them below Here's Archaeoindris, a Lemur that convergently evolved to look like a Gorilla. I like to believe if they survived a few more million years they might become literal anthros. I...
  2. The_biscuits_532


    Aight someone made dogposting so this seems natural that we make a counterpart to flex our fancy claws and whatnot
  3. The_biscuits_532

    Post shitpost art

    Got any art that wasn't serious at all and you just wanted to shitpost? Drop it here lmao Based off a cursed cat I found on Google images
  4. The_biscuits_532

    Post cute images of your fursona's species!

    I guess if it's a hybrid just put both?
  5. The_biscuits_532

    Underutilised Animal Posting

    I DEMAND MORE LEEM SONAS LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL MADAGASCAN TREE BABY WITH HIS SNAGGLE TEEFS (Its a red ruffed lemur (Varecia Rubra), native to a smol peninsula in northeastern Madagascar. There's also Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia Variegata) down the entire Eastern Coast) But anyway...