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  1. Phyllostachys

    Well, hello.

    Well, thank you for your kind words. And thank you to you two as well.
  2. Phyllostachys

    Whats my fellow FA users political affiliation?

    I am one of those 'fiscally conservative, socially liberal' guy. But recently, I am finding right wing views increasingly favorable. Perhaps it has something to do with all the frustration I am feeling towards our president, who is an idiotic North Korea sympathizer surrounded by his left-wing...
  3. Phyllostachys

    Where are we all?

    I am currently in Seoul, Korea. I can speak Korean (obviously), some broken English, and basic, survival-level Moroccan Arabic that I am slowly loosing grasp of. I also still remember some Chinese words and phrases I picked up while spending three years of my childhood in Shanghai, but I can't...
  4. Phyllostachys

    Well, hello.

    I am not exactly new here, but then, I haven't really visited this forum for last three years, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post introduction once again. I am a Korean (the supposedly good one in south, not that evil one up in north) guy, studying horticulture. I have just submitted the...
  5. Phyllostachys

    Groups question

    Interesting. I didn't know FAF had groups.
  6. Phyllostachys

    :3 what weapons do you own?

    I don't own any weapons. BUt I'll have to admit that whenever I visit the souq in old medina of Rabat, I cannot but eye those ornately decorated snaphaunce muskets and pistols.... I'd like to buy one, but I am pretty sure they'll get confiscated once I arrive in Korea.
  7. Phyllostachys

    Confessions thread

    Now that you mention it, I have to confess that I absolutely abhor K-pop. And that's why I dread it whenever I come across a Moroccan college girl who can speak Korean; nine out of ten times, they ask me about idol groups they are fan of which I know nothing about and completely uninterested in...
  8. Phyllostachys

    Confessions thread

    Though I heard that mushrooms are much less sensetive to harvesting, as long as people don't rake forest floor to get them. Anyway, pteridomania. That was quite an interesting thing to read about. I also read that harvesting of wild orchids for European nurseries had impact on more vulnerable...
  9. Phyllostachys

    Craziest Science Question

    Combustion and nuclear fusion are two different phenomenon.
  10. Phyllostachys

    things you just dont understand

    I don’t know if that could work, as while rationality might help one curb one’s needs and greed to make better decision, it does not free one from it entirely. Even the most intelligent may succumb to personal flaws. Scientists are human after all, and they make mistakes and wrong choices as...
  11. Phyllostachys

    Craziest Science Question

    I found some of more recent Ig Nobel winners quite amuzing, if trivial, such as these; http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v419/n6908/full/419685a.html http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v407/n6803/full/407470a0.html http://www.cell.com/current-biology/abstract/S0960-9822(12)01507-2 You can...
  12. Phyllostachys

    What do you think of people who are polyamorous?

    Well, I read that unlike gorillas, which has polygynous mating system, and chimpanzees and bonobos, which has multimale-multifemale mating system, human mating system is basically monogamy with occasional extramarital sex as human infants are born much immature compared to other primates and...
  13. Phyllostachys

    Confessions thread

    What about potential bioaccumulation of heavy metal in game? I don't know if it applies in US where land is vast, but at least in Korea, where we have roads and towns everywhere, I heard it is something to be aware of, though since we have strict regulation on firearms, few people hunt and eat...
  14. Phyllostachys

    things you just dont understand

    Doesn't Singapore comes close?
  15. Phyllostachys

    Confessions thread

    Well, at least they aren't obligate carnivores.
  16. Phyllostachys

    The Catchphrase Thread

    "모르것다~" Which would mean something between "I can't care less" and "What will be, will be". And along with that, علاش, pourquoi, and why said rapidly in succession.
  17. Phyllostachys

    The meaning of your existence.

    I once lived with the lofty goal of becoming a great person respected for his achievements, bringing great honor and glory to his family, ancestors, and country; just like in those folk stories where the protagonist renders distinguished service to the country, receives wealth and official post...
  18. Phyllostachys

    Greenthumbs - plants and growing shit

    Just in case, though; if it happens to drops all its leaves, reduce watering to amount just enough to prevent soil from dehydrating completely till new leaves bud, or the roots will rot. As for plants suitable for Korean residence, other than plants mentioned before, Muehlenbeckia complexa...
  19. Phyllostachys

    Honest Question : Does my (your) fursona matter to others?

    Well, unlike physical looks, which are largely decided by genetics, avatars and icons are chosen with intention, so I do believe they better reveal the person behind them.
  20. Phyllostachys

    Confessions thread

    Well, there is nothing much controversial regarding aspartame. While there are claims that it causes various diseases and symptoms including multiple sclerosis, lupus, migraine, headache, and seizure, such claims has been found baseless, as numerous studies failed to find causal link between...