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  1. Neoi

    How is my art?

    Ive been getting into sketching over the past month and I dont know how im doing or If ill get any better. So far the only thing ive been drawing is ponies and anthro wolves. I keep thinking that im getting worse and worse each time i sketch. I need some advice on how to improve or how I can...
  2. Neoi


    For all those urban myth fans, here is a horror game that is sure to make you go insane. The game is named slender, based on the popular Slenderman. If you do not know who Slenderman is, he is a very tall man with long arms and a featureless face, has pure white skin, no hair, and he wears a...
  3. Neoi


    Has anyone ever heard of that game? Its a indie game in development by wolfire games. It looks pretty cool, its a sort of 3d platforming combat game. Also its based on human like animals. There is like 5 animals species that will be put into the game wolf,dog,rat,cat, and rabbit. Its in its...
  4. Neoi

    Hi there!

    Hello, first off my fursona is a Wolf named Neoi. Neoi is energetic and loves to make friends and have fun. I am a bit of a loner, i have some friends. I love gaming and surfing forums on the internet. If you want to chat with me feel free to add me on steam, Skype, or YouTube, all of that info...