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  1. darkcobalt86

    MP3 Player Advice Wanted...

    Yeah, I'm pretty new to MP3 players and am looking for some advice. I'd like one, but unfortunately all the players I've seen require Windows XP under their minimum system requirements and my computer is running Windows 2000. Is the XP requirement for the software necessary for the players use...
  2. darkcobalt86

    Oregon Cons?

    Seriously, I can't find any information on whether there are or aren't any cons in Oregon. Does anyone know anything?
  3. darkcobalt86

    A little bit of help on Expressions...

    ... So I'm having a little trouble with expressions, specifically on characters with a muzzle like a dog. I'm not used to drawing such facial features, so can anyone give me some tips or guide me somewhere I can find some please?
  4. darkcobalt86

    Assistance with Figures...

    I need some advice or tips on drawing figures, specifically drawing plump figures cause I generally suck at applying fat to my characters XP Any help would be deeply appreciated
  5. darkcobalt86


    I dunno if this really belongs here, but I couldn't find any other place that seemed appopriate X3 So yeah, I have toys... not the naughty ones, the ones meant for children. Mostly it's just Legos, Marvel action figures, Godzilla stuff, and other random stuff X3 Anyone else around here...
  6. darkcobalt86

    Yo! =3

    Heya, what's up X3 My name's Douglas, but I mostly go by Cobalt or Cobey. I guess I'm an artist, I've been drawing since I was 9 years old and has developed into an anime style. I came to FA cause I was feeling so drained that I couldn't draw any of my normal stuff and needed a change and a...