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  1. webkilla

    [SOLVED] Phantom comment in inbox

    Heyo since the post-hack reboot, I have a phantom comment in my User Control Panel. There is a nice ol' 1C on the top bar - but nothing on the page itself about it. It'd be nice if that got fixed
  2. webkilla

    Master thesis done: Standalone Complex (Explaining Furries)

    Greetings Furries! Some of you may remember me from a months ago when I asked for various opinions on things like "What does it mean to be a furry" and "what don't you like about furries" well... about a month ago I finished my work, got my exam done, and now I have a masters degree. Go me...
  3. webkilla

    Tablet Trouble: Wobbly lines

    Heyo I have an Intuous2 A4 regular tablet. Its big, its wonderful, and its tablet mouse is a super gaming mouse. I got the thing over 6 years ago. however... Recently when I use the stylus I get these 'wobbly lines'. I can't find any disernable pattern to it, and it comes an goes -...
  4. webkilla

    Furry survey for master thesis

    Furry survey for master thesis (closed) Greetings Furries SURVEY CLOSED I am doing a master thesis on trying to explain the nature of various internet subcultures, including the furry fandom. my focus is trying to explain the often decentralized concurrent non-commital participatory...
  5. webkilla

    question about FA for my master thesis

    heyo I'm neck deep in my master thesis on internet culture - and it time to explain furries :3 (right, this old joke again) do keep in mind I've been a furry myself for years - i know what its about, but that's beside the point I need data to prove it ...and that's proving...
  6. webkilla

    Someone get this guy to make fursuits!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyNh3AXegxw this is just too awesome
  7. webkilla

    Opencanvas 4.5 and 'improper data' problem?

    heyo As of today my OC 4.5 has been acting... weird It flat out refuses to save my .psd files as .psd files - which makes it hard to do WIP saves... It will save the file just fine as .png, .jpg or .oci - but, not .psd It keeps saying "improper data was detected" I've looked around online...
  8. webkilla

    OC 4.5 + dual monitor + tablet = problem

    heyo I recently upgraded to dual monitor fun, but its proven to have a problem: While my windows7 settings for my tablet (intuous2 a4 regular) is that its mapped to monitor 1 ....then when I use OC it hijacks the settings and spreads my tablet mapping to both monitors!!! I can't...
  9. webkilla

    Nausea from playing computer games?

    any of you ever experienced that? i've been told it mostly happens from FPS games.
  10. webkilla

    Alternate applications for fursuits?

    greetings suiters i was wondering if any of you used your fursuits for things other than directly "furry" related uses. (cons, meets, and such) while i technically dont have a fursuit, then i do dress up quite often and much around. basically, i LARP. (as an orc no less)...
  11. webkilla

    quick question to furry artists

    hey, i got a quick question for all you wonderful furry artists out there: 1) why do you draw anthro art as opposed to human art (even if you do both, why not stick to just human art?) 2) do you find it easier to draw anthro art than doing humans? (this is a mostly yes/no question, but feel...
  12. webkilla

    Evolution of the furry fandom

    [notice: i really doubt i'll be looking in on this thread very much - so dont ask me too many questions, i doubt i'll be here to answer them - also, i know i might get flamed for part of what i'm writing here, but check it out anyway] ok - i have a few thoughts on the overall state and...
  13. webkilla

    suggestion for submision category: meme

    i just had a brain-fart: why not have a submition category called "meme" i mean, following the wake of the "krystal can't enjoy her sandwich" drama - wouldn't it be nice to so to say, classify that kind of content? i mean, i like memes - they're often funny - and being able to properly...
  14. webkilla

    Virus alert!

    on the planetfurry.com forum and comicgenesis.com forums i'm getting virus alerts on pretty much every single page via the viewtopic.htm page... thats bad my antivirus software says its a worm or something - malware basically caution is adviced. i think the comicgenisis webcomic ad...
  15. webkilla

    The brazilian flower

    A few days ago someone FA uploaded a flash with the song "Brazilian Flower" by Jean Jacques Perrey could someone link that thing to me?
  16. webkilla

    I'm worse than naylor

    http://lulz.net/furi/res/163013.html somone thinks i'm worse than naylor i feel famous - if nobody viewed my comic, nobody would complain about it... and someone putting it up there is bound to generate more pageviews for me :p hehe - if i'm lucky i'll even get an ED article :p i...
  17. webkilla

    Do you love ol' greg?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PPWDglTboI ever drink baileys from a shoe? do you love ol' greg?
  18. webkilla

    World in conflict - HOMG!!!

    seriously... i have not seen an RTS this intense... ever not even supreme commander can make me "wtf just happened here" this easy! sure, the camera controls are tricky and cumbersome - but if you familiarise yourself with the terrain a little and then settle for a static viewing angle...
  19. webkilla

    hilarious pwnage

    http://www.thatvideosite.com/video/3996 i know its so very painfully american to agree to be humiliated on television, be it via some funny home video show or that talk show where they always end up fighting each other.. this one isn't much differnt - but its quite hilarious none the less...
  20. webkilla

    Dating sites?

    Disclaimer: this is not a thread where you advertise your own single-hood or how desperate you are to get laid... ok, you got all these here dating sites - you make a profile, you input data, you look at other ppls profiles... send some PMs or something, then hope that a) the recipient(s)...