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  1. PixiesKitty

    Dragonborn Ages

    A friend of mine loves Dragonborns, a race from D&D role play game. Now that the AUP has been updated, there is a doubt lingering... Since Dragonborn reach full development (100% adult, as an 18 years old human) but at the age of 15, Is an adult Dragonborn a cub?
  2. PixiesKitty

    Mature submission and mature filter

    Hi! I came along with this account http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jackmadness/ that belongs to a minor, he is 16 or 15, and he posted this submission without the mature flag http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2657937 The trouble ticket was opened and the mature flag was put on it, but I noticed a...
  3. PixiesKitty


    I just got to the center of the galaxy... and now what should I do? Keep playing? Start over again in hard? Uninstall?
  4. PixiesKitty

    Furry Tabletop RPGs

    Does anyone know a good one? I don't mean the onlines one, but I mean the good old fashioned tabletop rpg, like D&D, WoD, Mutants and Mastermindsm, Shadowrun (3rd edition of course) and so forth? If there is none, what would be the greatest system to play a furry campaing? D20? D6?