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  1. Miles_Rose

    PS3 PSN Gamers

    Mine is MilesRose :3
  2. Miles_Rose

    I am totally..

    Watch TV on Hulu, or Megavideo or somethin'.
  3. Miles_Rose

    New Doctor Who

    I watched it on megavideo simply because I didn't have BBCA. So instead of waiting for it to come On Demand I watched it on the interwebs. I was quite impressed by Matt Smith. I was a bit frightened that he would have emo-like tendencies (Thank a promo pic for that) but so far none of that has...
  4. Miles_Rose

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    Ponyo in Japanese with subtitles. I sadly didn't get to finish it.
  5. Miles_Rose

    Are there any webcomics that you just HAD to read it all in a day?

    I have a few: Twokinds Furthia High (Old and new, I started reading when the second new comic was released) Concession Suicide For Hire Rasvaar Cheap Thrills House Of LSD Slightly Damned Wrongside Housepets and Better Days! I think I've probably read more in one day, but this is from memory.
  6. Miles_Rose

    Trying to find bi or gay fur comics please help.

    I recommend: Umlaut House 1 and 2 http://maskedretriever.com/uh/d/20010323.html Vinci & Arty http://www.vincifruit.com/ Enjoy~
  7. Miles_Rose

    The Official Name-That-New-Server Thread

    I think I'll vote for Puff :D
  8. Miles_Rose

    Why do furries like huskies so much?

    Their Eyes, their Tail, their largeness, there friendliness.... P.S. Husky lovers should not watch The Thing Directed by John Carpenter.
  9. Miles_Rose

    Furries and Peta

    I don't like Peta at all. Bunch of Hypocritacal sonsabitches that want me to stop eating meat. I like my burgers -W- But I have yet to figure out PETA2.
  10. Miles_Rose

    Update Halp

    Then I guess it's not the update thing problem. As I said, I sign onto my account, I have an internet connection. I insert the disc. It starts the game and disconnects from Xbox Live without any input from me. What the hell is going on D:
  11. Miles_Rose

    Update Halp

    I know that.
  12. Miles_Rose

    Update Halp

    I didn't change it... Huh... Anyways, when I put it back in it still logs me out for some unknown reason. My best guess was because I said no. I can't log back on, because it says that there is no connection, but when I turn off the game Xbox live signs right back in. I have other games that...
  13. Miles_Rose

    Most Overrated game series?

    Mario And Madden
  14. Miles_Rose

    Update Halp

    Okay, so when I first got my Xbox 360 the first game I played was Saints Row 2 but a said no to the update. Now, I can't play online for that reason, how can I fix this?
  15. Miles_Rose

    Most underrated game?

    Indigo Prophecy :3
  16. Miles_Rose

    Do you have any "furry habits" IRL?

    I rawr frequently and sometimes purr :3
  17. Miles_Rose

    Exterminatus Now

    I love the comic! :D http://exterminatusnow.comicgenesis.com/ What do you guys think of it?
  18. Miles_Rose

    Anthro Merch

    Thank you :3 I was looking for something like this. BTW, if anybody finds a shirt or something that they really like, try to post it here so others can see the greatness :3
  19. Miles_Rose

    Anthro Merch

    Any suggestions on a good site? Maybe one with not only furry but other good shirts?
  20. Miles_Rose

    Anthro Merch

    Is there a good website that sells things like messenger bags, shirts, and such with furries on the products?