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  1. Smurgen

    Good FPS games on handhelds

    Do they even exist?
  2. Smurgen

    Playstation Home Beta

    Anyone who has a PS3 like me, don't forget to head to the PSN store and download the new Playstation Home Theme so you can be registered for the beta. Its not a guarantee you'd get in though, as they are also going to be picking people based on playing habits too. Worth a shot at any rate...
  3. Smurgen

    Wow! You're so Pro!

    So what is the one game that you would consider yourself to be the best at. It doesn't have to be anything competitive. I'd have to say, I think mine might be Super Mario Bros. 3
  4. Smurgen

    I is a bunnyherm!

    Hello everybodies! Smurgen here, AKA Bunny-Chan, AKA Kasandra Also I <3 you all!