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  1. DW_

    I still exist!

    Yep. Not sure if anyone remembers me, though. :S
  2. DW_

    Bayonetta 2 Wii U-exclusive; NeoGAF shits itself

    http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=491152 The reactions to the stream announcement are fucking hilarious.
  3. DW_

    Emulate IE6 in ANY browser

    http://mrdoob.com/lab/javascript/effects/ie6/ I died of laughter when I found this on the SEGA forums.
  4. DW_

    TGC: WUO post [RP Elsewhere, Link In Post]

    First, read this, as it will give you the context of the writing. Plus, the original, properly-formatted post is there in all its glory. Ignore the fact that I'm banned there, I'm actually root admin and it's an April Fools' joke. Now, once you've gotten some context, read this, a post in The...
  5. DW_

    Possible new PC, need opinions

    Okay so my dad just called with news that if I do well in school for the next couple weeks he'll be ordering me a customised Dell desktop PC. Shove the Dell stigma aside for a few minutes while I lay out the hardware: CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 (I'm assuming quad-core because it's a freaking i7...
  6. DW_

    New game announcement c/o Crytek next month

    http://www.computerandvideogames.com/339584/crytek-to-announce-spectacular-consolepc-project-in-april/ Dear GOD, I HOPE THIS IS WHAT I THINK IT IS.
  7. DW_

    LINUX USERS: Help me solve a problem with KDENLIVE!

    Okay, so my system died a month ago and with it died my copy of Vegas 11. I found a workable replacement for this Linux Mint machine in KDENLIVE... except it doesn't work. At all. It's giving me "MLT's SDL module not found" even though it is the latest repo version (0.8.2), which supposedly...
  8. DW_

    100% Highest Active Time, but Windows is doing jack-shit.

    See: title. It's been doing this a week out of every month since I got it back -- my old laptop, I mean.
  9. DW_

    Nation Red

    Just bought this game, reminds me of Boxhead. Anyone else have it? For those that don't know, Nation Red is an indie top-down wave-based zombie shooter.
  10. DW_

    Anyone own Star Wars Battlefront 2 on PC?

    Well? I'm fucking tired of being force pushed into oblivion by 12-year-olds, so I'm in need of people to play with. IGN is ItzzNinja.
  11. DW_

    Sonic Generations

    So Sega released a new Sonic game. I admit I was interested, not having had fun with any Sonic-related games at all since Shadow's game (because holy fuck he uses guns and shit), so I went to Future Shit to pick up a copy yesterday. Oh okay, this is fu-- holy shit omg these stages are awesome...
  12. DW_

    Stupid battery

    HP, I fucking hate you. Not only does this battery last like ten minutes when the system is unplugged it also refuses to charge, so right now I'm at 0% availabe (plugged in, not charging) after like ten minutes of SCIV not having realised that the cable to charge the battery had magically left...
  13. DW_

    BSoD problems (under Win7 64-bit, oddly)

    Okay, since about two moths ago my laptop has been having seemingly random BSoDs on a near-daily basis. What's odd about them is that it's always the same STOP code, out of two possible codes. Most common is this: A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to...
  14. DW_

    Looking for something simple

    Last thread didn't work too well so excuse me if I'm reposting. Will also trade music! Basically what I want is a simple reference pose which is detailed further below. Name: Azzan 'Dark' Syphos Dmitryus Species: typical grey wolf/vampire. Fur color: Grey, obviously, but with the two-tone like...
  15. DW_

    I Am Dark.

    Name: Azzan 'Dark' Syphos Dmitryus Age: 1545 (fucking old, man!) Sex: Male Species: Grey wolf Height: seven feet, six inches Weight: 258 pounds Appearance: - Hair and fur: pale red hair/standard grey wolf fur - Markings: Red-tipped tail. - Eye color: Deep red - Other features: Bat-like black...
  16. DW_

    DW is here.

    I'm lost for words on what to say here other than "Hi, and if I target you for feeding time, run, and run fast."