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  1. Mentova

    Site Status [12/15/2013]

    The last of the data is importing, and we'll be standing by to finish the upgrades. ETA should be tonight.
  2. Mentova

    Site Status [12/15/2013]

    The last of the data is importing, and we'll be standing by to finish the upgrades. ETA should be tonight. The FA staff wishes to deeply apologize for the time this is taking. It has taken far, far more time than was imagined. Thanks for being patient.
  3. Mentova

    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    A common topic that seems to be brought up in here people "coming out" as a furry to their friends and family. This is a really bad idea. Here's why: -Furry is not a sexuality. We can debate until the end of time about whether or not furry is a hobby or lifestyle. However, it is certainly not...
  4. Mentova

    Diablo 3 General Discussion Thread: Now with MLP!

    So I saw a thread for Diablo 3 hardcore mode, but I didn't see just a general discussion thread for it. Here you can make groups, talk about loot you found, classes, or whatever you want to about the game. Personally, I've been playing demon hunter and been kicking ass with him. He's a tad...
  5. Mentova

    Why do furries want to inject anthros into everything?

    This is something I've noticed here that I've never understood. I've seen so many threads that basically boil down to "I like X would it be cool if there was something like X, but with anthros?" Then you see furries doing things like modding anthro characters into videogames, even ones that make...
  6. Mentova

    This is a thread. A thread for the 3DS.

    I didn't recall seeing a thread like this, so I decided to make one. This thread is for posting friend codes, setting up matches to play with each other, and general 3DS discussion. For starters, friend codes don't work like they did on the original DS. The 3DS now has 1 code per console that...
  7. Mentova

    Quick question about ordering things online.

    Alright, this probably isn't worthy of a thread because it's just a small question and there isn't much to discuss, but yeah. Anyways, I don't order stuff online much, but I ordered a game last week. It shipped like 5 days ago and is supposed to be here around Tuesday since it releases that...
  8. Mentova

    Can anyone explain the new FA banner to me?

    According to this new banner, it's "fat bunny week", complete with a line of obese rabbits marching in a line with cake and a banner and a bunch of furries in the background watching. One has a sign and is ragin'. I have no idea what this means, or what the point is. Anyone know?
  9. Mentova

    Change the "Ask a mod" forum to a general "Ask" forum.

    To be blunt, the Ask a mod forum is pretty much a circlejerk for the mods, but I think it has potential. I had an idea to turn it into a general "Ask" forum. A place where users can go and post threads about their hobbies, profession, college major, or anything else interesting and have other...
  10. Mentova

    Art whorin' it up.

    Wassup I haven't really commissioned much art before and most of the art I've gotten was just random gift art, so I figured why the hell not? If you're looking for something to draw, are bored, or want to practice anatomy, feel free to draw my character. Here is an updated ref Fay did for...
  11. Mentova

    HK's noob guide to Den posting.

    THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL RULE LIST! This is complied by the users as a simple reference guide with a hint of satire to help new users. These are not rules and will not be enforced. I figured this would be a good thread to make since a lot of newbies come here first and this part of the forum is...
  12. Mentova

    Tasteful Furry Apparel: Does it exist?

    Every furry shirt I've ever seen was either a half naked/naked anthro animal, a stupid slogan that isn't funny, or a design so awful I don't see why anyone would want to wear it. Most groups and fandoms have apparel that you can wear in public without feeling like a total idiot. Something that...
  13. Mentova

    What useless but cool/interesting things do you own?

    Back when I had a job that gave me stupidly large amounts of disposable income I bought one of these because I have the maturity of a 5 year old and am a manchild. http://shop.lego.com/ByTheme/Product.aspx?p=10210&cn=554&d=70 The thing is pretty god damn big and takes up a good chunk of my...
  14. Mentova

    Foxes are the best animals ever.

    It's true they are. Discuss.
  15. Mentova

    Strangest thing you've purchased recently?

    I figured this would be an interesting, yet also probably disturbing (knowing furries) idea for a thread. So what's the strangest thing you've bought recently? I bought a machete at a gun show last weekend.
  16. Mentova

    Oh god help me...

  17. Mentova

    Has the furry fandom ever completely digusted you?

    I'm sure most of you will probably say 'HOLY SHIT YES!", I figured it would be something original to ask in a forum that lacks original topics. :V But anyways, a lot of the furry fandom disgusts me, which is kinda ass backwards since I'm still here. I've ended up seeing some really freaky furry...
  18. Mentova

    Assloads of WoW: Cataclysm info leaked.

    So for those of you who are WoW nerds like me and are interested, a whole shitload of Cataclysm info got leaked. They've got plenty of screenshots, spells, and general info that will make fellow WoW nerds cum their pants. You can find it at MMO Champion (http://www.mmo-champion.com/) and...
  19. Mentova

    Second Life...

    So yesterday after watching a string of bad movies for shits and giggles me and one of my IRL friends talked about how hilarious we thought SL would be. We ended up getting bored enough and signed up for it. Jesus Christ this game is trippy. It's probably one of the most surreal things I've...
  20. Mentova


    This is a thread for discussing the best animals ever. They are > everything else.