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  1. Kiara Everfrost

    What PokemonGO team are you on?

    I'm in Team Instinct
  2. Kiara Everfrost

    Excuse me but could you stop please? ^.^

    If you have something against furries I respect that, but the spamming can be rather annoying when I'm trying to see what kinds of conversations are going on in the forums. You can message me if you'd like and we can chat. I'd love to talk with you ^.^
  3. Kiara Everfrost

    If you could bring one stuffed animal/toy from your childhood to life

    So if you could bring one of your toys/stuffed animal from your childhood to life which one would it be and why? Personally I'd choose my stuffed cat Ashfault. She's been my buddy since I was eight and I'd really love to actually talk and hang out with her. I don't think my brother would like...
  4. Kiara Everfrost

    I need help naming a kingdom

    So I'm currently writing the script for an animated series in going to make, but I can't come up with a good name for the kingdom the story takes place in. Any ideas?
  5. Kiara Everfrost

    Anyone wanna role play?

    I'm super bored. Nothing sexual, more like going on an adventure or something
  6. Kiara Everfrost

    I can't seem to change my profile picture

    I keep trying but it wont let me. Am I doing something wrong?? Please help
  7. Kiara Everfrost

    Anyone wanna chat with me?

    I'm in a chatty mood right now.