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  1. Osiris the jackal

    I need some help...

    I am in need of some help, An artist on FA contacted me asking what I would trade for a tooney fursuit head I was selling. We agreed on a Ref sheet and three other pieces of my choosing. I commissioned the ref sheet first on may 5th with it needed to be done by the 2nd of july. Things were going...
  2. Osiris the jackal

    I need of one roomy for Ac 4th to 7th

    I got a room at the Omni for the 4th to the 7th, It is $250 for the whole con stay. The guest will get the bed, 3 of us in the room and I cook fresh breakfast every morning. I really need someone ASAP to fill the room. Thank you for your time.
  3. Osiris the jackal

    Omni - One space available. Thursday through Sunday

    · I was able the get a room reserved with a Queen bed and requested a roll away bed as well, I have 1 spots open. · I will be charging $250 to cover your share of all 3 nights. · There will be only 3 people in the room in total. · Anyone who is a fursuiter...
  4. Osiris the jackal

    What shall I do?

    I am not sure if this is the proper place for this thread, but since it is about art it seems appropriate. So here it goes. A while back I had commissioned some art by a local fur here in NJ. She is (was) a good friend of mine, but things change unfortunately. Anyway, I had paid her to do...
  5. Osiris the jackal

    Furs needed

    I am writing a furry world war two book and am in need of some characters. I will pick via what you can deliver. PM me your name for the story and some info on your character. The parts needed are for the stories main squad, radio operator, explosives expert/ bazooka and mortar operator, a...
  6. Osiris the jackal

    Commission: Hand and foot paws.

    Looking for someone to commission for a set of hand and foot paws for FWA.
  7. Osiris the jackal

    Commission: Furring a blank.

    Hello, I am looking for someone to fur a head for me. Done in a realistic style. I would fur it myself but I do not have the time. It would have to be done before FWA. I would pay for shipping both ways and would like to know if anyone is interested. tell me what you can do.
  8. Osiris the jackal

    I am going daft.

    For those of you that do not know, I am very much into watches. I fix, restore, and resale them often. Some watches give me problems when I work with them and this current watch is one of them. It is a Waltham size 12, 7 jewel movement, model from the 1890's. The watch needed servicing, oil...
  9. Osiris the jackal

    Two tails for sale.

    Selling two tails, take a look and make an offer.:) http://www.furaffinity.net/user/osiristhejackal/
  10. Osiris the jackal

    Twas the night before_____ And to all a good night....

    I would just like to wish everyone here a happy holiday, whatever it is you may celebrate I hope you enjoy. So this thread is to state your holiday and give some history about it. Please have fun with this. Here is an example: I am a Therian so I celebrate the solstice, Dec 21- 22. The 21 is...
  11. Osiris the jackal

    I started an organization.

    I started a non-profit organization called TheriansUnited. I started it to spread peace, kindness and understanding to oneperson at a time. So far it is going very well, I gain a member every few daysor so. We help mostly people in the furry community and mutually decide thebest way to help the...
  12. Osiris the jackal

    Notary part of parental consent form?

    I need some help with the consent form, I am not sure what to do with that part that is about notary. Do I need anything special for this? Is this somthing that I am not to fill out? and if not then what do I do with it?
  13. Osiris the jackal

    Guitars for sale

    I am in need of books for Septemberand I make strange guitars. I am also selling an electric Ibanez if anyone isinterested. To see some of my latest work go to my FA page.
  14. Osiris the jackal

    Turn it off!!! it burns!! WTF help me!!

    For those of you who don't know me I am an inventor. I have had some accidents with experiments in the past but then again who hasn’t when working with tools. This accident was pretty severe;I often build and work with high voltage generation. For physics I built a highvoltage Jacobs ladder...
  15. Osiris the jackal

    Submission Problem: Is there a difference ?

    I can't seem to access my furaffinity account useing my iPad, my forum account works fine but I can't log in to my page. What could be the problem and how can I fix it? Or is it just an IPad thing? Also on my PC everything works fine so it's not the account it self. Anything I can do?
  16. Osiris the jackal

    Memes !

    There are alot of memes out there and new ones made every day! So I thought why not make a thread for memes. Just post a link to the meme and say what meme it is. Post away !
  17. Osiris the jackal

    Hunger games game for apple products

    I was on my iPad browsing the entertainment section of the app store and found a new app. the hunger games is now a game on the app store! You play as Katniss and kill tracker jackers. Plus there is extras and best of all it's free!!!
  18. Osiris the jackal

    Comment Problem: Replying to a thread using multiple quotes.

    I've been trying to reply to a tread useing multiple quotes. How do I do that exactly ?
  19. Osiris the jackal

    Nj fur meets

    I looking for some fur meets in new jersey, can't seem to find any. Anybody know of some?
  20. Osiris the jackal

    A gift for the admins and moderators

    Here is my idea. There should be a category called the admins lounge where admins and moderators can discuss site issues, ideas, and other things important to fur affinity without the newfags and trolls. It would be a no posting zone in a way, like a closed thread but for admin use only...