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  1. Ainoko


    Guys, the internet as we know it may be coming to an end if FOSTA gets signed into law and Trump signs it. FOSTA is Ex Post Defacto meaning that it will make legal acts illegal and retroactively assessing fines, penalties and jail time. In short, congress is gutting section 230 of the...
  2. Ainoko

    RIP Albert Temple

    FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCKKITY FUCK!!!!! With a heavy heart, I come to announce that Albert Temple, the artist behind the webcomic Gene Catlow was found dead at his home on 3/9/2017 at around 2320. Any further details can be found in the following journal link: Horrible News: Farewell Gene...
  3. Ainoko

    Unable to fave art from deceased FA members

    I have noticed something recently that I find disturbing. You can't fave submitted art from a deceased user's gallery. When did this happen and why? I have tried everything I can think of and can't fave the art, all I get is "Database Error For security reasons, this error will not be shown...
  4. Ainoko

    Problem with the main site note system

    Has there been any changes to the site coding recently? I am asking as I am unable to access any note in my outbox right now. Every note that I click on, I get this message: Fatal system error! This message has either been deleted or is not yours. [Click here to go back] I need access to sent...
  5. Ainoko

    I noticed something going through my watch lists on the main site

    I am in the process of going through my watch lists on FA and unwatching dead/inactive/banned/suspended/duplicate accounts and have discovered that there are no banned/suspended ("-") tags anywhere in my watch lists. My question is, did 'Neer and crew reinstate every one who was banned/suspended...
  6. Ainoko


    With the permission of the original author, and at the risk of getting suspended, I am reposting their journal here. RoareyRaccoon posted the following journal that speak volumes...
  7. Ainoko

    Art is not a job? What nonesense is this...?

    One artist by the name of Silverone posted a journal today that answers those two questions after someone said art is not a real job. What are your views on this? For me, I have to say art is a job, being a writer myself, I can say that sitting down to write is not easy.
  8. Ainoko

    Looks like Dr Phil has chose two furs for his show...

    Rumor has it this one and and someone by the name ofDivefox have been chosen for Dr Phil's furry show, right now I am still trying to locate the source of these rumors. This journal here on FA mentioned the names: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5406075/
  9. Ainoko

    Need suggestions here

    On how to make Terradyne's info better than it currently is. I posted a question in the bloc about the proper term for Terradyne's civilization: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/844670-Need-help-locating-some-important-info Now I am coming to the critique forum for help and suggestions...
  10. Ainoko

    Need help locating some important info

    As some of you know, I am writing a book titled "Master's Pet". I have been doing research for months now trying to locate what is the proper term for the society in the book is called. Basically, the civilization on Terradyne is highly advanced (on the scale of 1000s of years ahead of us)...
  11. Ainoko

    What in the ever loving hell is going on FA????

    Seriously, what in the fing hell is going on here? I tried replying to a submission on the main site three times only to see my reply auto deleted within seconds of it being posted... BY ME! Is anyone else having this issue? I did note the artist apologizing for the deleted comment spam as I had...
  12. Ainoko

    Main site timing out

    Is anyone getting timeout and connection error messages? Been having a hard time connecting to the site for about the past half hour. Is there any admins who can give us an update on what is happening?
  13. Ainoko

    The dreaded white screen

    Is everyone getting the dreaded white screen of annoyance? so far everyone I am talking to are experiencing the white screen
  14. Ainoko

    The Dark Pits of Youtube....

    Once again it's time to showcase the gems and dregs we have come across on youtube. And in the spirit of both the best and worst of the youtube dregs, I present Brony Style... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fNHhrvc0mc
  15. Ainoko

    Getting a timeline of favorites

    Is there a way for us to to get a general timeline of when submissions we posted on FA were faved? IE: Knowing when and what times submissions A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J were faved. I am asking as I am holding a kiriban concerning my fave count and need to know when I hit the target count as I...
  16. Ainoko

    Interesting aspects about your characters

    What are some aspects (physical, mental, abilities, etc) of your character that thinks is different and unique? For Ainoko one of his aspects is his armband, it is made from a sentient, living metal that bonds with the person for life. The metal is a beneficial parasite as it will let others...
  17. Ainoko

    Post your classic youtube videos here

    While the site is down, let's have some fun. Go through your you tube playlists and share your funniest, most awesome, mind numbing classic hits. You tube videos can be any subject, theme or whatnot. And to start this off, I am giving you a classic Johnny Carson moment featuring the late, great...
  18. Ainoko

    Need help please

    I know I did a thread similar to this over a year ago and I am not going to dredge it up either as things have changed since then. What I am wanting to know is would anyone be willing to do a good rendition of Ainoko's dirk (pictured below). Also any critiques on the design that would help with...
  19. Ainoko

    Submission problems

    Is anyone having problems submitting on the main site? I have been trying for the past hour and keep getting: Error 500: Internal server error. I have tried different browsers, cleaned out my history, cookies and cache on all browsers and am still getting the same response.
  20. Ainoko

    OMG!! I nearly died laughing after seeing this!

    NSFW!!! NSFW!!! NSFW!!! Was flipping through the channel looking for something interesting to watch when I caught a glimpse of something that piqued my attention. I went back to where I saw the interesting commercial and saw this: http://www.hotdollfordog.com/produit.php?ref=hd1&id_rubrique=1...