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  1. OpticFurry


    hay guys sooo im doing this thing on my home page to just dabble in my trade of Ecchi,hentai, and nsfw skills .. and as looked down on as it maybe to alot of younger and "immature " teens and artist for some it's actually pleasing and cool ....SOOOO Im taking REQUEST ...
  2. OpticFurry

    Nsfw artist Vs. Everyone

    so it has come to my attention that FurAffinity isn't really big on adult art works.. but there is countless artist on this form and website who creating amazing art that gets little kids all riled up . My question on the issue of not safe for work is.. What the fuck is the big deal? just...
  3. OpticFurry

    NSFW / Hentai ART TRADE

    What is up guys !!!!!!!!o_O If your a fan of anime, hentai, furry , and must more I would love to challenge my self and draw or trade art with you guys and or girls. lol so come on down and check my page out !! : Userpage of opticfurry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I do do commission so if you...
  4. OpticFurry

    hay guys ^#^}/ I'm new and I draw nsfw

    lol ...um hay soo first time on the thread .. my name is Opticfurry.. lol but you can just call me optic um Yea so if you wanna check me out and be friends i'd love to chat and share artwork also if you want to know abit about me just ask . - 20Yrs old -Anime fan/artist Hentai fan/artist...