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  1. HarlandWolf

    VR chat movie friends wanted.

    So recently I've taken to enjoying VR chat. Problem is I'm too shy to just walk up to a group and introduce myself and ask, "Hey, does anybody want to catch a movie in one of the movie worlds?" I love hanging with other furry's and enjoying the companionship. I especially enjoy watching movies...
  2. HarlandWolf

    Support your fellow fur

    I've only been on here a short time, and of course I've only scratching the surface of what this forum has to offer. The one thing I'm not really finding is a thread on helping each other. We all come here because we seek companionship that we can't really find in the outside world. Acceptance...
  3. HarlandWolf

    A new furry looking for guidance.

    As you can all probably tell, I'm a new furry looking for guidance. I've denied myself for so long that now I see how life is just passing me by. So I've decided to come out of the "furry closet" so to speak. I want to meet other people and understand the community, to interact as others do. I...