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  1. ZettaBit

    FC Rideshare From Oregon

    I am planning on driving down to FC from the Salem Area. Looking to see if anyone needs a ride or is willing to drive my vehicle. Will be taking my new car, auto trans. Room for 1, 2, or max 3 depending on luggage. I already have room arrangements, just looking to see if anyone needs a ride...
  2. ZettaBit

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! ​Everyone can post what they have received for the Secret Santa Event, or if you just want to show off what you got for Christmas, that should be fine too. xD To: Santa Chuchi From: All of the Elves
  3. ZettaBit

    FAF Teamspeak 3 Server

    Official FAF Teamspeak 3 Server There has been some interest for a Teamspeak Server for FAF. A server has been set up for everyone who wants to play games, chat, or collaborate on ideas. The server is password protected. Please PM a Moderator or Admin for access. (see below) (Art by...
  4. ZettaBit

    Hooded sweatshirt with ears. ($50-100)

    I am looking to commission a hooded sweatshirt. I know there are online retailers that sell these, but ones that I have found either look poor quality, or have tails. I'd like to have something custom made. Preferably a pull over, but I am open to ideas. I've seen some zip ups that zip all the...
  5. ZettaBit

    Zettabit First Drop

    Hello again, I have finally produced something that is half decent to listen to after hours of messing with stuff. Switched to FL Studio for this one and the variety of options is great. Steep learning curve though >_< Anyways, here it is. Feedback is still appreciated xD...
  6. ZettaBit

    Tetris Original Mix by Zettabit

    Original remix of Tetris. This is my first ever so any constructive criticism is appreciated. Made using Reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etgh3sijK6g&amp;feature=youtu.be
  7. ZettaBit

    ZettaBit is born

    Finally decided on a name for myself! Got a great icon from Toraneko! And a sweet ref by TennaShoe! Thanks to you both and keep up the great work!
  8. ZettaBit

    RainFurrest 2014

    Hello everyone, I would like to attend my first convention. :D I am looking for a group that is willing to take me under their paw(s), and show me the ropes. I will pay my share on a room, and I need a group willing to take a noobie. I am normally pretty quiet until I get to know someone. I...
  9. ZettaBit

    Vaping Thread

    Hey guys and gals I saw some old threads, but I did not want to necro xD Any vapers out there? Anyone do DIY and got some good flavors to share? What kind of PV do you use, and what tanks? I use a Vamo v5 with Smoktech ARO pyrex glass tanks :D I mix my juice strong with a 50mg base minus...
  10. ZettaBit


    Hello everyone, Thanks for the awesome site and forums. I've only just stumbled onto the fandom recently, and I like what I have found. I have been browsing the forums and looking at art, and finally decided to introduce myself. My fursona is a WIP, I started a thread in the Art forum if...
  11. ZettaBit

    ($20-100)Looking for an artist

    Hello, I need an artist to draw up a fursona. I am a big fan of artistic expression, so I will keep my demands to a minimum. I need a Head shot for the forums and a full body shot. I'm willing to pay based on the quality of work. Digitgrade Male Fox. Mainly Black with Red Secondary. Not...