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    Dear Fur Affinity Forums, Yes I know this post is not in the right spot and I am sure someone will yell at me for it. I am leaving Fur Affinity Forums, mainly because in my short time of being here I have not seen much maturity, open mindedness or common courtesy for others, but first...
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    Happy late Birthday! :)
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    I am always really paranoid that I will get bit by Mosquitos when I am outside. Also I am always paranoid that flies will get into my basement. Both are caused by hatred. I am paranoid whenever I have a test or an assignment until it is over. I am paranoid of people touching or going through my...
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    who's avatar?
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    How did you come up with your furry name?

    This made me lol :lol:
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    A question on writing furry music

    Thanks, I will try :)
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    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    I just saw Gravity in 3D yesterday and it was awesome! :D
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    A question on writing furry music

    ghvguvjn hb vhjguivjhjugivcgjhjuygvj gghuovgj huovgjhohgivjhiouvjhhuovgjgyu8guivcjyu80gicjgy8givjhhy80hvicgjhghygicjggy8guvchugc
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    How did you come up with your furry name?

    My fursona's name is Oneiric and I don't exactly know where I got it from. It is a greek word meaning pertaining to dreams, I am greatly interested by things like dreaming and thought process and stuff and I had never heard of anyone with that name, so I used it. Also I believe it is the name of...
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    Dominance or Submission: Which do you prefer?

    I guess I would say that I am submissive, it's just the way I am. I would be more outspoken if I could but I go to high school with a lot of judgmental jerks so I figure if I just keep to myself I can avoid a lot of extra stress and annoyance that I don't need. Thank god I am in senior year.
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    Tabletop gaming.

    I used to play Warhammer 40.000 but it got way too expensive and when my basement flooded and I lost my entire Necron battle force and my ork army you know I was pissed.After that I was too devestated to even think about Warhammer so I guess I moved to playing Magic the Gathering. I tried an RPG...
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    Entirely inappropriate shit you think.

    It's a little creepy but once in a while I get thoughts of contemplating my existence.
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    A question on writing furry music

    hhvhyiguvjvguvhjhuiohj hioujn bhuob vn bhubj bkhuon bkhio
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    My stupid, weird one-man skramz project.

    I say if you want it then go for it man. Some of your guitar riffs are pretty cool. I listen to a lot of indie music that no one has heard of too :p
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    A question on writing furry music

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    Post what you want me to say

    Riding on the time traveling unicorn of death Leaving behind the burning cantaloupes that once held profound secrets Looking back on it now The only ones I miss Are the kittens Shooting laser beams from their eyes In the 42nd dimension ...I am procrastinating from doing a physics lab writeup :p
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    A question on writing furry music

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    Not at the moment but I really should make one so I will do that. Also I sent you a friend request :p (If I sound like a noob it's because I just joined this site yesterday)
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    How long do you sleep for?

    I have always had trouble getting to sleep but only during the school year... when I need it the most. So yeah I usually only get like 4-5 hours a night. The only thing is I think I have been sleeping like this for so long that I have somehow adapted to it. :-P