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    $5 Sketches

    $5 sketches. Today only. Usual limitations apply. Comment here if you want one.
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    Digital Ink Commissions - Help me pay my rent D:

    I'm not gonna lie... I'm in a bit of a tight spot right now, and things aren't really looking great. I'm doing digital ink commissions for $25 each. Almost any subject, any rating, and any amount of characters. Go ahead and post your info here. Thanks. :)
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    LiveJournal Exchanges

    This is a resource for all those who run or are looking for LJ exchange communities. If you've got one that's not on the list, just give me the necessary information, and I'll add you. LiveJournal Exchange Communities
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    Contest - Bustin' Myths

    I'm in kind of a squirrelly mood, so let's have a contest. Assume that all of the following links are not work safe. I want to see your take on the MythFurries. Any rating is acceptable, but your submission should follow the theme "Bustin' Myths," the meaning of which I will leave open to...
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    Free Sketches - Three Available

    I don't often take requests (read: almost never), but I'm bored and in the mood to draw something different. I'll take TWO. No more. 1. Darius 2. Janglur I'm not super great at females, and due to the nature of the SFW rule here, don't expect anything super crazy sexual. Go go go!
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    For those who like to colour

    I know a lot of people out there like having their way with other people's linework, so for those who are looking for something to colour, I've got tons: http://www.furaffinity.net/scraps/jadwin/ <-- most of my lines are here http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/jadwin/ <-- some here, as well...
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    The site is white!

    I'd take a screen shot to show you what I mean, but you wouldn't see anything but a big white screen. O_o
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    How Furry is Too Furry?

    At what point do you just have to take a step back and just say "whoa" when it comes to the furry fandom? There are folks that go from the occasional browsing of furry art to living as animals out in the woods somewhere. When does it become too much?
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    Artwork CD-ROMs Available

    I have 25 artwork CD-ROMs available, with pieces ranging in date from 2003 to just last month. They are $15 each, no charge for shipping, and come in sturdy DVD-style cases. Sent me a note on FA. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jadwin
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    Con Badges and Icons - Commissions

    I'm opening up for Con Badge and Icon commissions, to be done in traditional media. Both items go for $10 each. Con Badges will be done on 3x4" light cardstock and mailed to you free of shipping. There is a $2 charge for sleeves, which have a clip on the back. Icons will be scanned in and...
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    Art Exchange looking for members

    I'd like to invite y'all to participate in a new art exchange over on LJ. Sign-ups will last two weeks, since this is the first round, which will hopefully provide time for enough people to sign-up. http://community.livejournal.com/anthroxxxchange/ If you decide to participate, please help...
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    FA Can't Count

    It seems to me that FA needs to go back to preschool, because everytime I log on, and have new messages waiting for me, it says I have more in my box than I really do. So far, I've only noticied this error with the submissions, and the higher the submission count is in my counter, the more it's...
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    Need Something to Colour?

    It seems like a fair amount of people have been asking for lineart to colour, so I'm gonna post this here. There is a lot of uncoloured lineart in my gallery. Too much, really. If there's something you want to colour, go right ahead. You don't even have to ask ahead of time; all you have to...
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    So, you don't have a scanner?

    I recently came up with a series of tutorials for those who (like myself) do not own a scanner, but still want to post art. The tutorials show how to use even the cheapest of digital cameras to snap and edit your drawings, just like you had scanned them in the first place. Inked drawing...
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    Lineart for Anyone who wants to Colour

    As I mentioned in Crabby's thread, any lineart drawing in my gallery is free to colour. I have a few characters that get cycled through, so if you want any character refs for colouration, just let me know. If you do colour, all I ask is that you kindly drop me a link so I can take a gander...
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    Large-scale Exchange

    I got this idea from furoticxchange on LiveJournal, so if it sounds familiar, that may be why. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about (or do, but still want to participate), what I want to do is get a big exchange going with as many members as possible. All you need to do to...
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    Contest with Prizes. Three winners in total

    I'm currently holding a contest for anyone who's interested. There will be three winners, each of whom will receive a free commission from yours truly. All of the information and current entries are posted both at my deviantART account and at my LiveJournal. I hope to have as many people as...
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    SouthWest Furs - New Website/community

    I hope this is in the right place... Anyway, I just wanted to invite all y'all dwellers of the American SouthWest to come and check out a new community on LiveJournal. It's a place to meet others in the fandom in our neck of the woods, so to speak. Feel free to check it out...
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    New, Bored, and Looking for Something to Do

    I'm unemployed and bored. Anyone wanna do a trade? I just set up my FA account a few days ago, so it's pretty small, but if you wanna take a gander at my style... http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jadwin/ You'll notice I don't own a scanner, so you'll have to forgive the cruddy quality of...