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    The New Staff Site is online Hurray ^^

    Finally we see who are the new Mods, oh my God thats "awesome" sciggles is now an Staff Lead too :D The future can be just better now, hope finally the site will run nice and smooth like an smoothie XD
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    FA staff Site "Pardon our Dust"

    Yeah FA is so much better now with all this Adds etc ^^ and you still cant fullfill your easyst Task Neer. We have 1 May and still the staff Site says that: So much Improvement thats nearly not to hold out ^^ Oh right you didnt say with Year it will return on early April,...
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    Wich Artists your favorites ??

    Hello FA Buddys ^^ Wich Artist is Your favorite, it can be from FA, DA, VCL or from other Place. I have much Favs but this 3 really great ones and i am sure much People know they;) 1.) Chalosan (Member of Team Evolution Racing and one of my best Friends, He design the Works for my C GT...
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    Team Evolution (Blitza) joined the Party

    Hi all@ Some People knows me already from my Fa Mainpage and know me and Jolty already ^^ So what can i say about me ??? hmmm I am Blitza Leader of the Austria Racing Team "Team Evolution Racing" and my Hobbys are: Anime, Manga, Furry, Work on my C GT, Drives Street Battles, Fur Affinity...