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    How did YOU become interested furry?

    Even though I only draw anthromorphic animals and have little interest in the pr0nz I still like to call myself a furry. My interest on anthros probably was disney's fault. Movies like Lion king, jungle book, beauty and the beast, robin hood etc. can really have an effect on you xD
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    5 cats and 3 dogs :o I like the cats more though =P
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    I'm more of an earthy person =0 Plus vegetable farming is awesome.
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    I used to have a collection of beyblades, crush gears and yu-gi-oh figurines... D: Ever since I got a PC my interest in toys declined :B
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    Worst Way to Die

    Slow and painful deaths... - Using a saw instead of a guillotine to chop your head off. - Being bitten by a snake - Being torn apart slowly... D: -drowning I would prefer fast and painless ones =D
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    What is you're 3 most sentimental possessions?

    -A watch my dad gave me, I wear it everyday. -The first plushy I ever made, I still like it even though I use it as a pincushion. -A love letter I received from someone way back in elementary, we were such silly kids back then D= And my sister's gonna buy me a drawing tablet soon... I'm...
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    Besides Furry, what are your interests?

    Being slapped around with a dead fish by a guy in a turtle costume... sexy... Nah, not really though I wish it was. Anyways I'm a fan of anime but I'm not the rabid fantard kind. I also enjoy collecting pocketbooks, they keep me happy. =0
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    Where did you get your anemm from?

    A mixture of my real name (Angel) and my fursona's name (Rhiel). And I just came up with Rhiel because it sorta rhymed with my name and it sounded nice. And that's it :P
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    Well I really like this though ಠ_ಠ Even though it's too sappy... even for my sappy standards e_e http://www.furaffinity.net/view/733247/ Mmh delicious chance to plug myself in <._.> @poink and thegreathamester's posts Amazing o_o
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    Any Furries Play MMOs?

    I used to :B 2 and a half years of playing different games... -Ragnarok online (curse you sis) -R.o.s.e. online -adventure quest (lol whut?) -flyff -nostale -trickster online -lutia -pirate king/king of pirates -scions of fate I get bored on one game then moved on to a new one...
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    Whats your weirdest fetish?

    Girls with glasses... o_o That's as weird as it can go :B Unless you count furries as a fetish â—• â—¡ â—•
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    A-Z, thousands of species

    What about insects? :B Only a few people draw them xD (doesn't include me) I wouldn't be surprised if all we're drawing are a few species of canines and felines... we've lived with them, know them and they're the ones who frequently appear on tv :B The most extreme I've done is a sheep anthro ._.
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    Your Favorite Macros!?

    Maybe she meant image macros :B Like this? :B
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    Would anyone buy plushy versions of their fursonas

    If I had the skills I'd make one myself. (NO money for commisions :B ) The only plushie I was able to make was a poring plushie. And I ended up using it as a pin cushion...
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    What would you give to the...

    I'd give you a deer plushy â—• â—¡ â—•
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    I think it's normal... lotsa furries find fursuits strange :B I remember the time when we went to a kid's party at jollibee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jollibee That guy scared the shits outta me â—• â—¡ â—• It was a mixture of fear and feeling embarassed for the guy :< And Dang...
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    What makes you pee your pants?

    I almost pissed myself in front of all of my classmates when I was in grade4 because my teacher was scolding me for neglecting my duty as class president, I managed to hold it in but I did cry a lot. :B That teacher was scary anyway he had short temper, a balding head and really loves to...
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    Crazyfox furry commercial is weird.

    Lookie what I saw at the bottom of the website =O "The incomes depicted are not typical and represent a small percentage of actual participants. There are no guarantees that participants will be able to achieve the income levels depicted. Each individual's success will be determined by his or...
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    State your heritage

    100% Filipino xD But then again... filipinos are the result of hundreds of years of our ancestors breeding with foreigners ಠ_ಠ Which might or might not include... *spanish *japanese *american And probably the traders who came to visit too ಠ_ಠ
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    Wat make u lol?

    I love DA drama... It's a fine assortment of violations of ethnic standers, the top 10% MS paint sonic artist, hermaphroditic snake people And not to mention members that threaten to leave 30 times per week. Truly beautiful drama... DA's complaints forum provides a lot of lulz too... *nods*...