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    How does one ask this politely?

    Is there any polite way to gently prod an artist whom you made a request off months ago/ won a kiriban from months ago, that you know is pissing around not doing anything important just posting doodles and sketches. Or is it best just to leave it be? I have a few artists on my watch list were i...
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    Howloween 2007 canceled?

    I'm looking for verification on this, has it been canceled? Wikifur states that it is with no explanation, stated again Here again, with no explanation. Is it true? Is the con I've been looking forward to since very shortly after joining this fandom in March canceled? and if so, why?
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    Whiskers? A question.

    Just wondering for all you fluffy, fuzzy fursuiters out there.... what the heck do you use for whiskers? I've been looking everywhere for something to use and I'm stumped. And if you don't have a clue either perhaps a suggestion for a material? I want something light, white and bendy, but not...
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    Fursuit comissions yay! and other arts! [OPEN!]

    [copied direct from my journal] Alright my friends and watchers and whomever else may read: here this! [copied direct from my Commision info page] Sketches: $5 Example Inked: $10 Example NSFW Digital: $20 Example Watercolour: $25 Example Character mask: $100 Example Tail: $30 Example...
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    Anna Meets the Furries...? D:

    Furries in the media again... Where has this little gem been hiding? Anna Meets the Furries (^ all three parts...) I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the majorities of furries don't behave like that... (I can't speak from personal encounters, I'm the only fur I know of in...
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    Trade,Request...even Comissions [closed]

    Hey all! How are ya? I'm hoping some of you fine, friendly furs might feel like obliging me in giving me basically something to do XD So! In an attempt to get to know people, and perhaps obtain some extra money, I am open. Trades, request, even commissions... have at me! Sketches: $5...
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    Favorite artists Icon?

    You know when your filling out your profile info, and it asks for your favorite artist(s) ? Why not make it so it does the little picture icon link thing to the artist in question? (ya know, :iconusername: type deal) or at least make it so you can input ":iconusername:" and it will show up as...
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    Would you like to trade with me?

    *looks cute* pretty pretty please? heheh ^.=.^ I am serious though, I have recently realized I don't know a great deal of people here, and thought this might be a nice way to get to know more people, and improve my skills at the same time ^.=.^ Lets say... 5 trades for now, more later? sound...
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    If I were to start offering commissions...

    What would be a reasonable price to charge? I assume it's going to go hand in hand with my skill level, and time spent on the art. Basically, it would be sketches, inks and digitally coloured art, but what I'd really like to commission off would be fursuits, mainly masks and tails, perhaps more...
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    Wanna Critique me?

    *steels self* I don't often like critique, but I'm taking the plunge, I want to improve. http://www.furaffinity.info/view/684670/ http://www.furaffinity.info/view/688979/ NSFW: http://www.furaffinity.info/view/689140/ I thought I'd give more to be critiqued, but I can only stand so much...
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    Amateur month

    Just thought it might be kind of neat to have a month or a week with amateur artists doing the banners for the mainsite, like a new artist everyday for a week or once or twice a week for a month, just to get the lesser know artists some publicity.
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day! For today our great country is 139* years old! *throws red and white confetti shaped like maple leaves* *gives everyone a hug!* *Correct me if I'm wrong, please @6.=.6@
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    Road trip?

    So what do you consider a road trip? I've spoken with many people from across this wide world and it seems to vary, what I take for a day trip (about 6-8 hours driving round trip, depending on traffic) is a road trip across the country to others. Does it vary for country size? Since I live in...
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    Wacom Tablet

    Are wacom tablets any good? I really want to get a tablet and I rather like this one: Clickify I've wanted a tablet for years now and I think I'm going to finally get one. Is 512 points of pressure enough? should I go ahead and spend the extra $100 or so for more pressure points? Expencive...
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    How does one make a poll?

    I tried but I cant figure it out, how do you make a poll?
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    I've been hacked! O.O (not here)

    Not here, my eBay account got hacked and was sending unsolicited emails to other users asking for there personal information :/ I never thought that kind of thing could happen to me :( Stupid evil hackers!
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    What exactly is a conbadge anyway?

    I did a quick search couldn't find a a thread that already explains, so I'm asking..what is a conbadge?
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    A plea for help

    Help please! I'm trying to acess the role playing forum ( http://wingedforest.info/adrBoard ) and it's giving me this error: Template->make_filename(): Error - file cash_viewprofile.tpl does not exist every time I attemt to go into a thread, I can't even PM people on the site for help! I...
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    Fur suit?

    So, I'd like to creat my own fursuit rather than buying one and therefore have questions to pose: 1. how do I go about making the body? would it be better to skip the body suite and just make arms and legs (though I would enjoy a body suit)? 2. what type of material? seeing as how i am a...
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    Tah dah! (please critique!)

    Tah dah! here it is! the coloured version of my first pic...the background is green because...uhh... i got tired of looking at white (linky to first version: http://www.furaffinityforums.net/showthread.php?tid=7560  )