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  1. J


    I was wondering of someone could draw my fursona for free it would be really nice if you did. Thanks! here's the sona its self Name: T.j Age: 20 Species: A bunny fox hybrid Sexually: bi but mostly straight Likes: Cuddling, play fighting, snakes, sergels, bunnies foxs and femboys Dislikes: shit...
  2. J


    i was wondering if someone could make some art for my fursona i have the description for them as well if so add me on discord @Xr7gt #4537 or reply to this thread
  3. J


    I was wondering if someone could make the art for my fursona for free though cuz I have no money is so just tell me thanks other furs!
  4. J

    Need a friend

    Just looking for a furry friend that I can hangout with (: