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    Why is it not working/when will it be working/why can't it be working now? The answer given thus far is that the Search Function was responsible for an incredible amount of the drain on FurAffinity's resources, and it was disabled to improve the overall function of the site. With the...
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    Thread Integrity

    I'd like to formally suggest a possibility someone mentioned to me today. ^_^ Could there maybe be a rule stating that when a person starts a general chat thread, their intent is protected? In other words, it would be nice if people could be allowed to try and just talk with other members of...
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    What does the community think?

    If this site and community, not to mention simple morals and decency, mean something to you, please read. If not, keep walking. Short Version: After hindering this site tirelessly since he was removed from the staff, Arcturus' most recent hack attempt has been rewarded by being unbanned and...
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    Turn to Community Support

    I would like to make a suggestion. Sooner than feel backed into a position where your only option is to give in to blackmail by the person who is unarguably the single greatest hindrance to the continued growth and prosperity of this site and community, I would suggest that you turn to the...
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    Abusing the Administration's good intentions

    I'm posting this here because the suggestion box isn't the proper forum for this sort of discussion, but I firmly believe that this is a discussion that needs to take place. I respectfully ask that the administration let this discussion run its course, as you guys have honestly been letting this...
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    Originals and Prints for sale

    I guess this is where this sort of thing would go, right? ^_^;;; I have a few originals for sale, along with prints of the colored images, and just selling prints in general on their own too. Check 'em out :D http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/17326/
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    Clear behavior guidelines & consequences

    Since it seems to have come up, maybe it would be prudent to have some clearly posted and enforced behavioral guidelines. Even a simple "no flaming" would probably cut it, so long as there are also clearly visible consequences for poor user conduct on here. If excessively hostile and...